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GCSE: Graphics

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  1. A Business Analysis of the Boject Oriented Hypermedia Design Model

    OOHDM is developed through a four step process which includes; conceptual design, navigational design, abstract interference design and implementation. (Rossi, et al) Conceptual Design Phase During the conceptual design phase the model of the application domain is created using object oriented modeling principles. The creation of the application domain determines the discourse of the application. There are two types of objects that are represented in this phase: the objects that provide computational support and the objects that will be perceived as nodes in the navigational design phase. (Rossi et al) The navigational design phase is very important to the success of any hypermedia application because navigation is what separates hypermedia design from other applications.

    • Word count: 2619
  2. Design a suitable logo for the business or organisation of your choice

    E.G What is a pixel? A pixel is the most basic component of any computer graphic. Pixel stands for picture element. It corresponds to the smallest thing that can be drawn on a computer screen. Every computer graphic is made up of a grid of pixels. When these pixels are painted onto the screen, they form an image. This grid of pixels is called a bitmap. E.G How I Created My Bitmap Logo for Galatasaray The Program I used to make my Bitmap Logo is 'Paint'. How to Open Paint Step 1: Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint, this will open the application 'Paint' Step 2: A blank 'Paint' page will appear, as shown below, How I edited

    • Word count: 1232
  3. The report is about six different documents ranging from three organizations. From each organization we have two different types of documents. The two different types of documents are a letter and a statement.

    The letter ensures the customer that Alliance Leicester continues to provide their customers with leading credit card products. As the letter is related to a credit card the letter also has a card number, which is unique and belongs to the customer. The letter is written in a complex form using high level of language skills that are suitable for adults as this letter is aimed towards adults that are above the age of eighteen. The letter is split in two main part one part contains the actual text explaining the letter.

    • Word count: 4236
  4. Three Customer Service Statements.

    The third paragraphs is about the IQA Education department, and what dose it provide and then there is seven bullet points of what it provide and all the text is written in a font size of 10 expect the headings of each paragraph which is font size 14. In the fourth paragraph it has a bit about what it provides for the students and there is five more bullets points that explains of what it provides, in the last paragraph has "Communication" written in font size 14 and underneath it is a paragraph with five lines in this paragraph you will find the contact details e.g.

    • Word count: 1374
  5. Designing a pond cost calculator to be used by Jo when she is calculating the cost of a customers pond that they are just about to buy from the Plant House Garden Centre.

    By doing that I will indicate how I will go about making the calculator and solving any eventual problems I might come across. I then shall write a paragraph or two on a making plan for the calculator, explaining in what order I will be making the calculator. Finally, after I have written about how I am going to make the calculator and what order I will be making the calculator in, I will then design a testing plan that will show how I am going to test to see whether my calculator works or not.

    • Word count: 2248
  6. Collecting images from clip art

    Selecting Information for my purpose (ICT Sources & Non-ICT Sources) From my Non- ICT Sources the ones that I think are most relevant to me would be number s 2,3 & 5 I think they are relevant to my company because: Number 2: This is very relevant to my document that I am going to produce my letterhead with because it is a letterhead. I like the way that this letterhead is laid out with the logo and slogan together and all the text and information to one side but still visible to see.

    • Word count: 623
  7. Dear Auntie Gladys and Uncle Jack,

    My friends and I, are at the top of the class for this subject but my biggest ambition is to become a barrister. Having a graphic design GCSE grade will not help me to become one so I think it could be a complete waste of time. Although on the other hand, if I fail at becoming my dream then I have something to fall back on such as a clothes designer or other interesting creative occupations. I am trying extremely hard to make my dream into reality.

    • Word count: 629
  8. ICT - Microsoft Publisher, Pizza restaurant menu.

    It can print the menu in special folds such as three-fold. Images can also be easily rotated and cropped to fit the page, text and images can be layered over each other and arranged to fit the page. Multiple copies can be printed and placed in the restaurant or even posted to residents in the area. Following considerations of the possible solutions I find that a desktop publishing program would be the most appropriate solution. This is because it contains all the features that are very useful for the making of a menu.

    • Word count: 3845
  9. Logo Write-up

    I feel that either a football or a football shirt should appear in the logo. I have researched some logos of other sports companies to see how they present their company. Here is the logo for the huge sports company JJB: As you can see the logo says the name of the company in big bold letters. There is no need for a picture or any fancy logos. The logo is simple and effective. The name of the company does all the work. It is colourful and grabs your attention. Here is the logo for the biggest international sports company in the world, Nike.

    • Word count: 1281
  10. Produce a report describing, comparing and evaluating 2 types of documents from three different companies all evolved in the same market.

    not aimed at children. The document is very bland, and only uses black and white. The justification on this document is very central and organised. Lloyds TSB: The 2nd document I collected was a Lloyds TSB payslip, roughly the same size as the Barclays payslip except it is slightly wider. The layout is very spacious and clear. It contains similar contents to the Barclays payslip, including tables, text, logo, numbers and a receipt. The documents can easily be read and would not be so confusing to people who do not have such a wide knowledge on backing.

    • Word count: 1750
  11. Solving business problems through design.

    These must all be on the same side. The garden centres information should also be on it this includes the opening hours, range of products and also a garden centre photo. My leaflet should look something like this: Heading: "How to care for your century plant" Plant picture Plant fact plant growing information file (Agave Americana) Plant centre name and logo Plant centre opening hours Address of the garden centre, Telephone of the garden centre. I have chosen this layout because it is simple but it brings the idea across.

    • Word count: 1140
  12. Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed.

    * Keyboard - The keyboard is an important part of making the catalogue because I have to input information into the catalogue. * Monitor - The monitor is an important part of making the process because I need to see what I am doing. * Mouse - The mouse will let me drop, drag, manipulate, resize and many other things to make the catalogue look good. * Floppy disk - The floppy disk is an important part of the catalogue design process because I need to back up the work.

    • Word count: 3956
  13. The research that I collected for this Graphics Page consisted of cut-outs of various tennis merchandise from magazines and catalogues and printed images from the internet of similar products to what I will be making and learning from.

    For example, either understanding how to make my products and what will be needed, or what I need to understand and consider in creating my graphics page, such as 'existing products research' and 'logo and lettering styles'. It sets up the rest of the project in order for me to complete the work using this visual information as help. Also, this further informs me for the rest of the project, as I know what to research for in the other research areas, and what will appeal to people who see it. E.g.) Colours, style, making of it and textual content.

    • Word count: 1320
  14. They need a plant information leaflet.

    plant * The heading will be 'how to care for your century plant' * The heading must be big * File name must be in plants common name * Logo must be on leaflet * Details of what they sell must be on leaflet * Opening times must be on leaflet * Leaflet is A4 size with information on both sides * All the details of the agave americana must be on one side of the leaflet and its photo * Garden centre photos must be on the leaflet Testing * Is needed Problem 2: Jo needs a label for

    • Word count: 946
  15. Production of Documents.

    How was it created I firstly put in my logo, and then added in the slogan later. I looked at this in a range of ways, including having the logo on the right, and also having the slogan below the logo, but my final decision was how it is seen above. I then put in my footer, which I filled green to make it look more catchy, I then decided what information to put in the footer. Seen as I didn't have a proper company and was unsure of what some information on the proper invoices was, I decided to simply put in the companies address, phone number and e-mail.

    • Word count: 897
  16. My project will be a promotional package for a newly formed company. It will be a food company, which produces top quality traditional Chinese food, e.g. moon cakes, ¡¥waxed sausages¡, etc.

    The business card should provide contact details of the company, such as name of the company, its logo, working hours, contact numbers and address of the company (also, a web site address if available). Same details will be needed for the letter headed paper. Section 2 Collecting Information Collecting Information Food I need to find out what Chinese foods are popular amongst the people from foreign countries so that the company can attract more customers. I have asked many of my friends who are from European countries, and from what they have told me, fortune cookies are the most popular Chinese food product throughout the world, then comes the mooncakes, Chinese sausages, wonton, rice dumplings and spring rolls.

    • Word count: 2673
  17. I have been asked to create a business of my own choice and to produce the following: a brochure, a letterhead, a poster, a logo, a business wallet, and a business card.

    For my letterhead I have used a template from Microsoft Publisher. I will have my address, phone number, website address and e-mail; address at the top right-hand corner. My logo, which I created in Microsoft Publisher, will be on the top left-hand corner whilst my name and signature is on the bottom right-hand corner. I will be using a border of musical notes from a selection on Microsoft Publisher. For my poster, I will have my logo on the left-hand side, whilst examples of the products I will be selling will be on the right side of the poster.

    • Word count: 558
  18. Task analysis

    There should also be a list of last year's record breakers. The list of last year's record breakers and the events should have straight left edge columns with bold heading. The heading for list of events is `Programme of Events' and for the list of record breakers `Record sets in 2001'. Solution: To solve the problem my programme of events must it be clear and easy to use. I will design the programme of events on Microsoft Word because it is a word program so it is easy to add and remove text also pictures and images.

    • Word count: 1359
  19. Creating an anti-smoking leaflet.

    But I will produce this leaflet on publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher 2000 because it will give me a lot of control over the layout of the leaflet and the background colours. My objectives for this leaflet are as follows: * To make a booklet that is good enough to be reproduced in large quantities to be spread around the country * To add pictures and other graphics into the leaflet * To make the leaflet colourful and eye catching * To make the language and dialect in the leaflet as simple as possible so it will be appealing

    • Word count: 2278
  20. It is my aim to make a profit out of designing and producing websites. I also hope that my web design business shall grow and expand so that I design a variety of websites.

    Marketing & Production Plan I plan to produce e-commerce websites (online shop). A typical price for such a website is �100 including website hosting and a domain name. I plan to charge �30 because unlike professional companies I do not have the facilities to offer services such as 24/7 customer care and hosting. I will just design the websites and shall not offer extra services.

    • Word count: 528
  21. I have been contacted by Ritchie Hulks who is a member of the Dover Athletic Supporters Trust board recently. He has asked me if it would be possible to design a monthly newsletter for the trust.

    One of the things that the trust promised was that all members would be informed as to what is happening at the club. I have been asked to design this newsletter because the people who run=n the DAST have very limited computer knowledge. They would supply me with all the information and what they want from me is a professional looking design, which all the members will read. They have told me that the newsletter will need to be 2 sides of A4 and that I can decided how it should be laid out.

    • Word count: 710
  22. Having completed my identify and analysis I now need to start to design what the presentation will actually look like.

    He also said: " Overall I prefer the second design the most for reasons I have already stated. I think you should develop this, I feel that this initial design developed more would look very good." Another important part of this presentation is the font that is used, I am going to use the same font all the way through the project. As I feel this is an important part of the presentation I decided to do a short surveya amongst people at school and they voted on which font they preffered the best.

    • Word count: 1981
  23. Implementing Design in Microsoft word.

    The picture on the front page was inserted and then resized to fit the page. This was done easily by selecting the picture and placing the cursor on a corner of its frame until an arrow appeared. I then clicked here and dragged the edge of the frame until the picture was the appropriate size. I also made a few ruff decisions as to whereabouts I wanted text, pictures, and graphs, although I knew that these would be changed as my ideas developed.

    • Word count: 1753
  24. My objective is to promote a package for a newly formed company. I will be producing a handbags company, which will be called 'Noble & Wild'.

    I Personally do not like the colour used for the font, as it Is too bright. This logo has a very dark background. The font used in this logo is curved and really thin. It is a really basic colour, which contrasts well with the background. It is neatly presented. I like the idea of the border around the logo, which keeps the name of the company in place. This logo is completely different from the other logos that I have chosen. There is different size fonts used which immediately attracts your view. The colours used are basic and plain, but it still makes the logo stand out due to the font.

    • Word count: 1060
  25. The task is to create some sort of form that will capture the relevant data from the people who fill it in. Consequently, people fill it in after collecting it in the shop, or at other shops...

    boxes * Second Name = 16 boxes * House Number = 12 boxes * Road Name = 16 boxes * Town = 12 boxes * Postal Code = 4 and 3 boxes * Home Phone = 5 and 6 boxes * Date of Birth = 2 and 2 and 4 boxes * Password = 16 boxes Software Requirements The software I choose must be able to: * Import pictures, so that I can put use my created logo publicly. * Create input boxes, so that they can be filled in appropriately, a letter at a time.

    • Word count: 908

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