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Hazard Analysis critical control point.

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HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis critical control point. Manufactures use it as a system used for identifying the potential hazards involved in food production. The manufactures must identify points where hazards and risks may occur and must determine which are vital to consumer safety. Risk assessment means to think about what may happen, when it could happen and most importantly to prevent it happening. A hazard could be any one of three things o Biological (e.g. ...read more.


o Ensuring Temperatures probes are wiped before and after use. o The correct temperatures are used. o Pest control, and many more. This information is a strict code that all food manufacturers must abide by or they could end up, being shut down, having consumers fall ill, having workers fall ill, and many other possibilities. There are many critical control points in the food industry, Workers must insure that these points are kept safe for everyone. ...read more.


In many foods Production Company's use electronic and computer data collection as they may produce a more accurate reading and add extra information so that the product may be made safer for the consumer. Hygiene regulations HACCP should not be confused with Hygiene regulations. The application of hygiene regulations should already be in place so that the HACCP regulations can be moulded to the needs of the Hygiene regulations. All this information is vital to me, as a food technologist as any food that I manufacture will Be Manufactured under the rules of HACCP and will help me to examine my food in more detail. ...read more.

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