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History of school meals

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Introduction When people think of school meals they think of greasy or runny foods. People hate thinking back to their school days and remembering school lunches. And myself? Well I don't like school meals either (there are some exceptions). The reason many young people don't like school meals is because they have a lot of nutritional value. School meals are healthy and good for you. But if a pupil had to choose between a nice, healthy salad or a hamburger with fries, I think you know what they'd go for first. The Department of Health report in 1986 showed that 93% of all school children each junk food from take-aways. Things like chips and hamburgers. Current recommendations suggest that it is advisable to reduce the amount of fat. Some fat is needed to have a healthy diet and certain fats are even essential to peoples health, however, eating more fat than needed increases the risk of heart disease, even in children. School meals here at Cranbrook cost about �1.65. For a variety there is quite a lot. Hot and cold meals are served. ...read more.


Children had to rely on a packed meal from home or their local take-aways. The meals uptake in 1974 was 64% of the school's population. By 1988, it had dropped to 47%. 5% of all children left home without breakfast and snacked on junk food throughout the day. Children spent an average and �220.5 million in a school year of 190 days. Pasta types There are many types of pasta and it would be impossible for me to name all of them, but here are the most commonly used pasta types and their other names (if the have any): Campanile (flutes) Cannelloni Cappelletti (little hats) Casarecce (Gamelli) Cavatappi (cork screws) Conchidlie (shells) Couscous Ditali Farfalle Fettucine (small ribbons) Fiorelli Fusilli (twists) Lasagne Lingwini (thin narrow ribbons) Macaroni Orecchiette (little ears) Paglia e fiens (green and yellow noodles) Penne Pappardelle Pipe (elbow macaroni) Ravioli Riccioli Rigatoni Spaghetti Taglianni tortellini trenette togliatelle vermicelli Pasta Dishes There are many different types of pasta dishes so I can only name the most common ones: Cannelloni Lasagne Ratatouille Spaghetti bolognaise Rigatoni with three cheeses Spaghetti alla carbonara Tagliarini Tagliatelle ...read more.


For example : whether people prefer vegetables or meat, hot or cold pasta and how much they are willing to pay. Spray diagrams were drawn to show the points to be considered when: making a pasta dish for a school cafeteria and the pasta dish in general. Like the amount, the nutritional value, etc... Questionnaire (1) Do you like the school meals in the school cafeteria? Yes No |||| || (2) How much are you willing to pay for school meals? More than �1.00 ||| Less than �1.00 ||| (3) Do you eat in the school cafeteria often? Yes |||| || no (4) Do you like hot or cold meals better? Yes |||| No ||| (5) Do you like the pasta in the school cafeteria? Yes No |||| || (6) Do you like pasta? Yes |||| | No | (7) Would you like a new kind of pasta in the school cafeteria? Yes |||| | No | (8) Do you like seafood? Yes |||| | No (9) Would you like seafood in the pasta dish or not? Yes |||| | No | (10) What kind of pasta do you like? Spaghetti ||| Penne |||| Macaroni Ravioli ...read more.

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