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How a kosher diet affects the social life of a Jew?

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How a kosher diet affects the social life of a Jew? In this essay I will be looking at how a kosher diet affects a social life of a Jew. The first and most obvious idea behind the kosher laws is self-control and discipline Even the types of animals the Jewish eat are chosen in part for their symbolism. The ruminants that have split hooves tend to be tranquil, domesticated animals that have no natural weapons. These are animals whose characteristics the Jewish may absorb through eating. The Jewish may not eat scavengers, carnivores or bird of pray - these are not characteristics that they want to absorb at all. If a Jewish child gets brought up with the kosher diet he might have more self control than other kids because that's the way he has been brought up. ...read more.


Any product of a non-kosher animal is also non-kosher (e.g. milk, gelatine, rennet). The exception to this rule is bee's honey. The Jews have trouble finding shops to fit their needs this makes trouble because it may take them longer to travel to the shop and make them go out of their way. Kosher shops cannot always be open unlike kosher shops e.g. Tesco, they must go when there are open, which could disturb their social life. Restaurants may not have food that is kosher which would stop them going out with friends even if they had found a restaurant which supplied kosher food it would be hard for them to have an all meat meal without any milk products (can't have milk with meat must have 2 hours between them). ...read more.


This method of slaughter reduces the blood pressure in the brain to zero immediately so that the animal loses consciousness in a few seconds and dies in less than a minute. Fish must be killed before being eaten, but no particular method is specified in Jewish law. Because Jews eat a differently they might be ridiculed by non-Jews which would make it hard for Jews to socialise. Living religious life is about worshipping god. The key aspect is 'to worship' though worship you become close to God, not through observation of food laws, all they do is regulate your diet and observance of such is a social rather than a spiritual activity; they are a form of control rather than an aid to worship and are rather outdated in today's society. Paula Wilkes 10JW R.E ...read more.

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