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How much energy is there in some foods that you eat?

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Christina Taryoto 10Q HOW MUCH ENERGY IS THERE IN SOME FOODS THAT YOU EAT? RESULTS PEANUT Peanut Mass Before Burning (g) Mass After Burning (g) Change in Mass (g) 1 1.10 0.07 1.03 2 1.00 0.11 0.89 BISCUIT Biscuit Mass Before Burning (g) Mass After Burning (g) Change in Mass (g) 1 1.00 0.15 0.85 2 0.95 0.15 0.80 WATER TEMPERATURE for Peanut & Biscuit Food Temp. at start (�C) Temp. at end (�C) Change in Temp. (�C) Peanut 1 26 50 24 Peanut 2 28 54 26 Biscuit 1 28 32 4 Biscuit 2 28 34 6 CONCLUSION After looking at my results I noticed that a peanut provides more energy than a biscuit. The peanut released an average of 1.9 kJ/g and the biscuit released an average energy of 0.5 kJ/g. ...read more.


However the experiment itself is a very inaccurate way of finding how much energy is in foods. I looked in a biology textbook on how much energy is in everyday foods and I noticed that peanuts have about 24.5kJ/g. My results showed that the peanuts I tested had 1.9kJ/g. My results and the ones in the textbook are no where near each other, so this proves that the experiment is not an accurate way of finding the exact amount of energy from everyday foods. Possible errors: * The water temperature might not have been measured properly before and after being heated by the flaming food. This would affect calculating the energy released from food because the formula requires the temperature rise. ...read more.


This would cause heat energy loss for some food and therefore make this an unfair and unreliable test. * When we hold the burning food under the boiling tube we are supposed to direct the flame at the boiling tube as accuratley as possible, but there is a high possibility that whoever is handling the burning food can not maintain the flame directly under the boiling tube because they loose concentration or become too tired from hold the burning food under the boiling tube. * For every food tested we have to make sure that it has burned out completely by trying to relight it until it will not burn anymore. There is a chance we did not check that the food had combusted completely so therefore the test would be unfair and would affect our results. ...read more.

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