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How to reduce food shortages

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How to Reduce Food Shortages The problem of food shortage has troubled the world forever, but due to increasing population and the more developing Medc's the food distribution is being ruptured, Here are some ways that we could do to reduce, or even end food shortages. 1) Distribution: Obviously this is probably one of the biggest issues to do with food shortages, usually it is not done because of the food becoming expired by the time it gets to the destination, we could try and research into developing some gm plants (or food) ...read more.


Mongolia or Sierra Leone.but when the food it created and can be moved long distances without going rancid,there is a cost, and this cost can be another huge problem which is our next point 2) Cost: "The Rich North" as it is called, has enough money to completely end famine and hunger around the world, but noone chooses to give this money. ...read more.


By giving the tools that enable people to get food themselves, they can eat well all their life, Otherwise, the money would go into short term aid and would be required all over again in the end. By completing all the above points, I believe that food shortage can be eliminated forever "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" Josh Jolly ...read more.

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