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I am going to look at the different types of equipment that are need for people who are beginners of kayaking and also the more advanced kayakers.

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Equipment for Kayaking I am going to look at the different types of equipment that are need for people who are beginners of kayaking and also the more advanced kayakers. The different types of equipment I am going to look at are * Paddles * Buoyancy aid * Helmets Paddlers There are different types of paddles that can be used by people who are at different skill levels. The beginner should use a basic shaped paddle, which can be used in different circumstances but not in strong waters like for whitewater kayaking. There are 3 different points that you need to consider before you buy a paddle and they are 1. Blade length and shape. 2. Shaft length and shape. 3. The materials used to construct the paddle. Before you do choose the paddle it is important that you what type of paddling you will be doing as this will help determine what type of paddle is the right one for you. You also need to work it out with your height and body strength, and also the width and length of your kayak. The Blade length and shape The paddle blades can come in different shapes they can be long, short, narrow, wide, feathered, unfeathered, symmetrical, asymmetrical, spooned or dihedral. ...read more.


Gold anodized takedown shaft has comfortable foam grips. * 6" x 20" spoon blade delivers superior power. Push-button takedown. * Lengths: (in inches) 84, 90, 96. * Shaft Diameter: 1". * Weight: 45OZ (90") * Price �45.99 Helmets When you go kayaking it is very important that you wear a helmet in case you get in to any difficulty, and hit in to anything with your head as this can cause serious health and injury problems while you are in the water. When you go to buy a helmet it is important that you look at the important factors which are 1. Make sure that you buy a brand new helmet 2. Make sure that the helmet is a recognised type and has had a safety check taken on it When you have or are choosing a helmet it is important that you. Do's * Make sure that your helmet fits properly. It should be level and rest solidly an the head (snug enough so that when you rock it back and forth it doesn't fall over your eye's.) * Make sure that the helmet isn't too tight so don't let it pinch, create hot spots or pressure points on your head. * Upgrade you helmets every few years, as plastic can break down over time. ...read more.


* A 40mm waist belt with quick release buckle, plastic non-clog zip and elasticated sides. * Brightly coloured affordable buoyancy aid. * This buoyancy aid costs Splash Buoyancy Aid �32.00 * It is important that every one who goes kayaking wears some kind of buoyancy aid. (http://www.lifejackets-uk.co.uk/product-pages/csr-splash.htm) The next kind of buoyancy aid I am going to look at is a more expensive type as it is for some one who likes to go kayaking more frequently as it is a more hard wearing buoyancy aid. * This is a hard wearing type of aid as it is for more frequent use. * This cost �68 from the Internet (http://www.lifejackets-uk.co.uk/product-pages/csr-splash.htm) Yak Zambezi This kind of aid is more advanced as is has a heavier float in it. People who are going kayaking down the rapids and the people mainly use this. * This buoyancy aid costs �119.95 this is because it is more advanced and is made to help people in the deeper waters. * It has a elastic band around to help hold it secure * It is still brightly coloured so people can see you while you are in the water. * This aid has lots of different places that you can put things in it for example a whistle so if you do get in to any danger it is easier for you to try and get help. (carlislecanoes.co.uk) Hannah Watson 1 ...read more.

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