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I decided to look at an electronic dice. After looking at the option I chose this electronic dice because it sounded like it could be fairly advanced.

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Dave George Electronics Coursework Aim We have been told for our As-level coursework, we have to design and make a circuit and were given a few ideas. I decided to look at an electronic dice. After looking at the option I chose this electronic dice because it sounded like it could be fairly advanced. This dice is to be used in board games such as 'monopoly', 'cluedo', 'ludo' and 'snakes and ladders' It has to be easy to use and cheap to build. Research For the research section I started looking on the Internet, using search engines and found very little of what I wanted. I used the 'Yahoo UK and Ireland' search engine and searched for 'electronic dice' and 'electronic dice circuits'. This showed up very little of what I wanted. It can up with results for companies that sell electronic dice kits for you to build at home rather than circuit diagrams. I then searched for 'electronic dice circuit diagrams and found... After doing this I decided to go to the library and look in books there and from home. If searched in books including, 'electronic options by P.Gormley, L.S.Hagan and C.C. Atkinson. This had no information on any relevant circuit diagrams but had lots to do with thyristors and relay diagrams. ...read more.


So if TC = 0.1 And we keep the capacitance the same then 0.1 = R x (10 x 10^-6) So R = 10 x 10^-6 0.1 Now R=10 x 10^-4 This is far too small so the capacitance needs to be changed not the resistance. So 0.1= (1.5 x 10^3) x C C = 15000 micro farads This is too high. I can now see both need to be changed. I think that if I change capacitance to 100 microfarads then I get the resistance it may be better. Now TC still = 0.1 C= 100 R=? R= TC C R= 100 0.1 R= 1K ohm This is better. I am now going to change the values in the circuit and it now looks like this The output will be taken off pin 3 and taken to the circuit rather than through an LED to 0v. Next is the D-type flip-flop circuit. It is made up of 3 D-types creating a binary output. The binary out put works like this. The output from D-type output 1 is '1'. The output from D-type 2 is '2' and the output from D-type 3 is '4'. These can make any numbers up to '7'. It works in binary like this. For example '6' is made from pin 2 and pin 4 being on. ...read more.


System Details I am now going to explain how the circuit works and why each sub-system is there. The battery is there to add power to all of the circuit. And the switch is to turn it on with the LED there to act as a power light to show its on with a protective resistor to reduce the voltage flowing over it. The 555 timer circuit is the to act as the pulse input with the output pin connected to the clock input pin of the D-type flip-flop. The D-types are there to act as a binary counter. They connect to the binary inputs A, B and C on the BCD 7 segment decoder chip (but not pin D, to stop getting numbers 8 or above.) There is no resets shown on the diagram but these will be connected together then joined to 0v and the AND gate circuit output pin 'Q'. The AND gates are in the circuit to act as resets. They are connected to pins 1 and 2, and 1 and 3. So when pins 1, 2 and 3 are all high it creates an output signal to the resets of the D-types stopping a seven being displayed. The BCD decoder is there because I need to decode the binary to be able to use a seven segment display. The outputs are connected to the seven segment display through protective resistors to stop the voltage onto the display being to high. ...read more.

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