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identify (i.t)

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Identify! Problem I am having an anniversary surprise party for my parents; it's going to be a surprise because my parents are going to be away for two days. And I'm going to be organising it but my aunty is going to help me with it. I have the budget of �500 and I need to organise it in three days time. I have to do all my working out but I'm not that good at maths. And I am a very messy writer. My other problem is that the party has to be organised within two days. I was chosen to do the party by my aunty because I know my parents well out of everyone I know what kind of food they would like and I know what kind of music they would like. ...read more.


And that can take me a long time. The advantage is that I can carry paper around with me unlike a computer which I can not carry around with me. Solution 2- Computerised Another possible solution can be is to use spread sheet for the costs for the food and decorations. It would make it easier for me to calculate my prices and if have to add something or take away something then I could just take it off and it wont be messy. I could also use spread sheet for my guest list. So I wont have to worry about making anything messy if I need to take off someone or if I've missed someone. The disadvantage is that you can not carry the computer around with you if you need to add things. ...read more.


It won't be messy if I want to cross anything out. USER REQUIREMENTS: * A list of food with costs * The quantity of the food * The drink list * The quantity of the drinks * The total costs of both drinks and food * Lists of decorations * Costs of decorations * The cost of a band * Comparing different band prices * Budget for the band * Draw a pie chart to show what I have spent the most money on * How many guests out of the 150 invited are coming * Make a bar graph to find out how many people are coming and how many people are not coming * Total cost of everything all together * Might change the quantity of food if less people are coming or if there are more people coming * Edit details * Search details * Add details ?? ?? ?? ?? Mariam Mahmood 10B I.T ...read more.

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