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In this assignment I will be investigating how different materials have different densities

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Unit 1 - Density Assignment. Sam Perrett. Introduction. In this assignment I will be investigating how different materials have different densities. I will be performing an experiment to see if there is any rule which can be used to find out the density of the materials. Risk Assessment. Material Hazard What Could Go Wrong Safety Precautions What To Do In Case Of An Accident Risk Low/ High/ Medium Glass Equipment Sharp Glass. ...read more.


Medium. Different Materials They Are All Quite Heavy. You Could Drop It On Your Fingers. Handle The Materials With Care. Seek First Aid And Report The Accident To A Teacher. Low. Equipment Equal sized pieces of each of the following : - Iron - Steel - Glass - Copper - Brass 1 Measuring Cylinder 1 Measuring Jug 1 Can With A Spout Water Method. Step 1. ...read more.


Step 5. Repeat test for all other materials on the equipment list. Step 6. Calculate the densities* and write up the results in the table ready for analysis. *Scientific Note. To calculate the density of the materials, I had to use the following calculation : Density = Mass Volume Results Table. Material Density Volume Mass Iron 4.3256 31cm3 21.4gms Steel 6.0728 70cm3 467.1gms Glass 3.74 1cm3 37.4gms Copper 10.32857 56cm3 578.4gms Brass 11.22 85cm3 756.3gms Conclusion. In this experiment we found that different materials had different densities. The most dense metal was Brass and Glass was the least dense. ...read more.

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