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Influence of French Cuisine on Indian Hospitality Industry

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Influence of French Cuisine on Indian Hospitality Industry Hospitality is a term used for referring the cordial, generous and friendly reception of the guests or strangers in a hotel or food service industries such as restaurants, caf´┐Ż, bar and other such type of establishments. The term hospitality industry is usually defined by its output of products, which satisfy the needs, and demands of the guests who visit these types of establishments. These establishments provide food, accommodation and drinking facilities to the guests. The different star category hotels provide different services to the guests as per the star categorisation. There are three classes of professional cookery associated with the craftsman and they are graded according to the quality of the materials used. These classes are Cuisine simple or plain cookery, Cuisine Bourgeois of middle class cookery, and Cuisine Haute or high class cookery. In Indian cuisine, there are two classes: simple and high class. Simple cookery is confined to the preparation of the everyday practical type of dishes. And the high class cookery has a wide range of variety. Where expensive materials are used to prepare complicated and elaborate dishes. France has a long culinary tradition. French cuisine now a day is a result of centuries of research, elaboration and perfection. ...read more.


But today in most of the well known restaurants or in restaurants of star hotels the lunch or dinner starts by hors d' oeuvres followed by soup, main course, salad, cheese, and finally dessert. And different courses have different accompaniments. In French cuisine great emphasis is laid on the presentation of the dishes and garnishes and accompaniments, which makes the dish colourful. The menu is word originally relate to the French cuisine is now adopted by the Indian cuisine. Traditionally there are 2 types of preparing a menu card those are table d' hote and a la carte. The menu card is now prepared in such a way which is based on the table d' hote style and providing sufficient number of dishes to choose by the guest's as it is in the a al carte menu planning. The French cuisine has given the table set-up to the Indian hospitality industry, which was not part of the traditional Indian hospitality. The spoons and fork are the gift of the French cuisine to the Indian hospitality industry. Today most type of restaurants are keen to serve the guest's in the most appropriate manner. The type of serving is getting deeper and deeper in the Indian hospitality industry. ...read more.


The sitting banquet parties, room service, hospital service and buffet service in India are the influence of the French cuisine on the Indian hospitality industry. In conclusion I would like to mention here that as the days are passing by and because of the need of satisfying the foreign travellers in India as well as the changing eating habits of the Indian population the French cuisine is facing too many changes in the form of preparing the French dishes with Indian herbs and spices in India without damaging the classical value of each dish as the chef Raji Jallepalli who is preparing a "Franco-Indian" dishes which are popular in her Memphis based restaurant. As well as the Indian cuisine is also changing its look and appearance in the form of garnishing and accompaniments served with Indian dishes based on the French cuisine. In India also the chefs are changing the flavour of the French dishes to suite the taste of the Indian guests. The influence of the French cuisine on the type of service is influencing the other service sectors in India. The French empire has a great influence on Indian city Pondicherry because they ruled on this city for more than 100 years and because of which this city can be called as a city of France, which is situated in India. ...read more.

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