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Invention of the Internet

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        Technology has also been a part of our daily lives. The implementation of technology influences the values of a society by changing expectations and realities. New inventions of technology are usually created to simplify life somehow. One of the greatest inventions in the last hundred years is the internet. The ever expanding internet has revolutionized the way Americans live their lives.

        The internet has a major impact on society and our culture. The internet has completely broken down the borders that our ancestors had. With the internet, everything that we could possibly want is at the click of a button. People can instantly instant message and video chat will people half way across the world. People now work from home, shop from home, do everything they possible want from home. But if people do not have access to the internet they cannot compete is this new global market place of unending ideas.

         In the beginning, when the internet first came into play America’s were startled and amazed by the possibilities of communication that the World Wide Web brought. He web is mainly a way that brings people together to communicate. The web is a layer of system upon system (Bowell). The Web is a continual ongoing process. It has never stopped replicating itself or processing since the first day it began. However, even though there many different systems on the  web,  no website is subject to special rules. The internet has become a sensation all over the world and more people use the internet than in other time in history.

The internet has been a huge economic boom to our country. We now live in a global market. With the help of the internet, businesses can reach customers worldwide. Many businesses now have websites where customers do not even have to visit the store to buy their products and these companies want your business. The internet has a huge selection of items to purchase online. More people use the web to shop than ever before in history (bowell).

Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time over the internet. (wiki re) A majority of consumers choose online shopping for a faster and more efficient shopping experience. For customers, shopping online can mean less time traveling and lower cost. Many stores offer special sales and discounts to customers who order online. Also, traveling to the store means that customers can only go during business hours whereby ordering online is more convenient for their schedules. Conveniently, many stores online are available 24 hours a day.   Online retailers have seen tremendous jumps in their online earning potential (bowell).

Of course there is also disadvantages to online buying. One big disadvantage is the customers concern of how unease it would be to return the item. The customer is not absolutely positive that the item they are buying will satisfy and meet their expectations. Sometimes, returning an item can become a hassle and have to wait long periods of time to actually get the item in hand. Since the customer cannot see the merchandise they wish to purchase customers are at higher risk of fraud buy ordering online. Of course, a major concern of consumers is identity fraud. There have been many cases where hackers break into a web site and can steal a customers personal information. One unexpected disadvantage that comes with online shopping is the amount of trash that consumers produce. The more items that people purchase online, the more boxes and packaging they have to throw away. This past Christmas, New York show a 20 percent increase in paper recyclables with a parallel increase of 25 percent of online sales.

The biggest buzz about the internet is social networking. One of the main uses of the internet is for relationships. The internet has revolutionized the way that people communicate with our friends and the world. People used to write letters and sent them off then waited even weeks to get a reply. Now a days, people communicating instantly through instant messaging, video chat, face book and e-mails. We can communicate instantly with people all the way across the world.

Social networking sites have people set up their own personalizes profile that is just about them. (These sites help fill in the gap) These sites help everyone stay more in touch with their friends and family. Social networking seems to make the world smaller by bringing everyone together. It helps us realized the way other people live and the cultures that they have (elliot). The social networking that is in place now more closely mimics face-to-face conversation than e-mail. We are no longer restricted to rely on people in our neighborhood, church, or workplace to provide the interaction we desire (Hoover all). Social networking services expand the pool of people we have the opportunity to meet to near limitless possibilities (Hoover all). A very new popular fad that has become normal to Americans is online dating. More and more people these days are finding their partners online through dating websites.

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