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It is essential to be well equipped for mountain walking. Food and gear

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Page 1 - Personal equipment Page 2 - Group equipment Page 3 - Safety principles Page 4 - Code of ethics Page 5 - Nutrition Page 6 - A typical day's food diary It is essential to be well equipped for mountain walking because you can find extremes of weather changing very rapidly and the correct personal equipment will keep you safe. * Walking boots are vital to make mountain walking safe and enjoyable therefore boots need to be waterproof, breathable, comfortable and support your ankles. * A waterproof jacket is important to keep rain and snow form making your clothes wet and your body cold however it should let your body breathe, have a good cut and preferably have a hood. * Waterproof trousers allow you to carry on walking when it's raining really hard and freezing cold. * Lip balm should be taken to protect the lips form the wind and cold conditions. * A rucksack should be taken and it should be large enough to hold all the equipment you need for a day's walking. These items include waterproofs, extra layers, lunch and water. You will want to keep the stuff inside your bag dry, therefore wrap all contents in a plastic bag or liner. ...read more.


* Trangia is a compact piece of cooking equipment that can cook a variety of vital foods and mentholated spirit provides you with the fuel to use the trangia. * A copy of the route is essential and there should be an adequate amount of route cards between the group so they can orienteer when needed. Also a copy should be left at base to advise when you will be back, where you are and what time to call out mountain rescue. There are some safety principles that need to be taken into account to ensure that everything runs according to plan. * Starting the day as early as possible is important because then there is more hours of daylight so you are able to walk for longer and if you get lost then you have more time to get back on trail before nightfall. * Wearing the correct equipment such as: - Walking boots because you could end up injuring your ankles. - The correct leg and body wear and the more layers you wear the easier it will be to remove items the hotter you get. - Correct head and hand wear because you lose heat the most from your head and then hands. ...read more.


Examples: Fat soluble - Vitamins A, D, E and F. Water soluble - Vitamins Thiamin, Riboflain, Niacin, B6 and C. Water It is essential in the body to digest and metabolise your food. You also need water to replace the sweat that you give off to lower your body temperature. For intense exercise 4 litres per day is suggested. Tips: * Drink as frequently as possible. * Don't wait until you're thirsty otherwise you are at risk of dehydration. * Dehydration will lead to a drop in muscular strength, loss of co-ordination, cramp, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. With food it is often better to eat little bits regularly rather than have one big lunch stop therefore splitting lunch up is more beneficial. However because walking will burn off more energy than in a normal day the food types should vary. Emergency food is necessary so carry high-energy rations such as chocolate bars, mint cake or dried fruit, you don't intend to eat them except in an emergency. BREAKFAST - A large cooked breakfast full of carbohydrates. The cooked breakfast should include; bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, cereal etc. CONVENTIONAL LUNCH - Ham and cheese sandwich or super noodles plus biscuits, dried fruit, chocolate etc. DINNER - Pasta or rice with a tomato or pesto sauce. DRINKS - Throughout the day you should drink hot ribena, orange juice and water. Do't drink tea or coffee because they are diuretics. ...read more.

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