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maglite attachment

Extracts from this document...


Task or Operation Hazard - Potential Harm Pr Se Ri Control Measures Pr Se Ri Walking in workshop May trip up 3 1 Low Warning signs and orders 2 1 Low Vacuum Forming May burn yourself 3 3 Med Supervisor looking out 1 3 low Facing off for aluminium tube Hair or tie may get trapped in machine 2 5 Med Order to keep loose ends tied 1 5 low Cutting wood Cut finger off 2 3 Low Be careful signs 1 5 low Soldering electrocute yourself 3 6 High Power controlled equipment 2 5 Med Using wood Getting a Splinter 6 1 Low Gloves 3 ...read more.


person 4= More probable 4= Major injuries - Several people 5= Very likely 5= Death of 1 person 6= Almost certain 6= Multiple deaths Risk Rating (Ri) = Pr x Se 1-8 Low: No further action required 9-18 Medium: Take further action to reduce risk 19-37 High: Take immediate action to reduce danger Reason: How the test was carried out: Results: Successful or Unsuccessful: Hold the torch securely. We got 15 Maglites and put them in the product. We then turned the attachment in a position that the Maglite would fall out. ...read more.


The attachment was safe. Successful Be water proof. We put it in a large container and sprayed powerful water on it to see if it would ruin the product. The product was ok even after several hours of testing. Successful Does it float? Was dropped into a large pond to see if it floats. The base of product made the attachment float. (wood) Successful Easy to pack attachment. Does the attachment dismantle? Yes. The attachment dismantles so it can be easily packed away. Successful Comfortable for customers. The attachment was donated to 20 people for feed back 18 out of 20 said that it was very comfortable. Successful ?? ?? ?? ?? Habeebullah Yusuf - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Systems and Control section.

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