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Main Survey

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Survey My name is Adam Taoudi; I have come across a task within my GCSE design and technology coursework. My project is to design and make a stationary box. Can you please spare a few minutes of your time to fill in the following survey for it will help me thoroughly with my coursework. The questions require you to tick the appropriate box. ...read more.


To store pens and pencils To store paper documents To store both of the above Other 3. What would be your preferred colour for your personal stationary box? Blue Red Yellow Green White Black Natural colour Other 4. Would you prefer the product to be varnished? Yes No 5. What materiel would you prefer to have the product made of? ...read more.


Paper Documents Pens and pencils Both Other 9. Where in the home would you Place this product? Desk Living room Bedroom 10. Depending on the items you would like to store in the stationary box what structure would you prefer? (You may tick more than one box the maximum being three) Tall Short Wide Narrow Long depth Short Depth 11. Within what price range do you believe my product should be in? �5-�10 �10-�15 �15-�20 Thank you for participating with my survey. Page | 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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