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Maintaining a health body is also extremely important. Without a healthy body and lifestyle we are putting our lives at stake

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The topic of which will be discussed is the issues regarding human fitness. For young people this issue may not be very important, however as time goes on, they worry more and more. As obesity is a fast growing dilemma in the United Kingdom more and more companies are becoming more health conscious. Companies which are altering their products to suit customer needs are companies such as Kellogg's who have added a nutritional table which shows the daily allowance for food. They are also giving out fat calculators. Being healthy has become an important matter in the lives of people and some may worry about it without even realising it. Teenagers for example are continuously agonizing over their appearance. ...read more.


Sustaining a healthy diet can be hard; however there are many diets which can help you achieve your goal such as low salt diets. Fad diets such as the Atkins are not the best options. However much fat the diet may help you lose it is not a diet which should be used for long periods of time. This diet is not very healthy as it does not provide the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The best methods of losing weight are to eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, or there are lots of alternatives. Companies aware of consumer's demands constantly change their products to be healthier; most of these taste just as good as fattening food and are much healthier. ...read more.


Cycling can be enjoyed almost anywhere and anyone as it does not require a licence, there also is not an age limit. Cycling can also be considered comfortable. In comparison to tubes cycling can be seen as a luxury, in tubes people are stacked up like tin cans. They are squashed against windows, fighting for breath. Bikes on the other hand are the total opposite. With bikes you have freedom, you do not need to share the bike with anyone, you have plenty of space and as bikes are narrow they are easy to put in storage. In conclusion keeping your body healthy provides many advantages which would concern you in the future so stay healthy and live a long and prosperous life ...read more.

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