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Market Research: Flavoured Bread

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Market Research: Flavoured Breads Why Carry Out Market Research? Market research is vital to literally the whole food industry. This is because it clearly informs companies which foods are popular, which foods are not selling well, sudden increases and decreases in demand, and many more facts and statistics that provide pertinent information as to which products, and how many, food companies should purchase. Also, it shows where there is a gap in the market and highlights products from other food companies that are selling well, and whether they can be copied or not. Ultimately, carrying out market research is an indisputable way for food manufacturers to save and earn more money by selling products that appeal to the majority of consumers. ...read more.


Penia and panettone are sweet breads, and bruschetta and farinata are savoury. More popular still, were baguettes/ French sticks. Although first made in France, the baguette is a "descendant" from bread in Vienna, Austria, when deck ovens were around. Making use of the more effective natural gas energy to power ovens, this type of bread could be baked. Interestingly, it was only in 1920 that this type of bread adopted a slender, baton shape: this is because in 1920 a law was passed in France that baker's could no longer bake before 4am. With this law in effect, it took too long to bake baguettes in a traditional loaf shape, instead bakers made them in the shape we are all familiar with today. ...read more.


I believe this to be so partially because of seasonal religious celebrations such as Christmas, where the traditional cake contains fruit also. My Idea Having found out the different types of bread that are currently popular, I believe a good idea along the lines fruited bread, would be to use fresh fruit in the loaves. Although the fresh fruit would expire much more quickly, if the demand were there for this type of bread, then I believe that small fruit loaves would appeal to consumers. Smaller loaves would enable consumption within a smaller period of time so that nothing would have to be wasted, and also having a healthy diet at the moment is vital to lots of consumers, bakers could include enough fruit for the loaves to be one-of-your-five-a-day! Anthony Holley ...read more.

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