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mcdonalds in america

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How far is mcdonalds to blame for the obesity epidemic in America? 60% of all Americans are either overweight or dangerously obese; McDonalds operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries on isx continents. These facts suggest that McDonalds is, in some way, to blame for the amount of dangerously obese Americans, but exactly how far is McDonalds to blamefor the obesity epidemic in America? McDonalds feeds more than 46 million Americans a day, but is this due to complete lack of self-control, or is the addictive ingredients and obsessive advertising of food companies, such as McDonalds (the average child sees 10,000 McDonalds advertisements per year) , brain washing people into craving there fat filled food's? In America McDonalds is everywhere; the human mind is so easily manipulated that the adverts and signs where ever you look could force McDonalds into your thoughts with out you even knowing it. ...read more.


McDonalds has a ridiculous amount of fats and sugars in their food's, and people may have the choice of eating the food's, but McDonalds could help a lot by making their food healthier, only 7 items on McDonald's entire menu contain no sugar, and a super size coke, fries and Big Mac have so much fat in them that it would take 7 hours straight of ecercise to burn it off, that can't be doing anything good to help the obesity epidemic in America. The documentary "Super Size Me" proves that McDonalds can seriously affect someone's health. Filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, did an experiment in which he ate nothing but McDonalds for an entire month, and he ended up with extreme deteriorations of his health and harrowing visits ti the doctor, during the month he put on 25 pounds, and his cholesterol jumped from 165 to 225. ...read more.


At the end of the day, if a person wants to eat healthily, surely they would not go to McDonalds in the first place, there may be a huge amount of McDonald's adverts that could be accused of brain washing in America, but there are also plenty of pro-health adverts that encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle. I think that it isnt really the fault of McDonalds that people are eating too much of there food, but it is very easy to see why people do go to McDonalds because there food does taste nice and it is very easily available, and if some one does not have time to cook a decent meal then McDonalds may seem like a good idea. ...read more.

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