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My Development recipe (vegetable stir fry)

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Time plan 13.35- wash hands 13.36- put apron on 13.37- sanitize work surface area 13.39- take all equipment and ingredients out 13.41- weigh ingredients 13.43- wash vegetables well 13.44- slice the chilli's, spring onions, and broccoli 13.48- chop the garlic cloves 13. ...read more.


prevent them from sticking 13.57- stir fry the chilli's, garlic, spring onions, lettuce and broccoli 13.59- add the seasoning and water and stir fry for 8 minutes 14.06- from the saucepan take one string of spaghetti out and taste, to see if it is cooked 14.07- if the spaghetti is ready, then turn off the heat and place ...read more.


leave the stir fry to cool 14.20- wash up and dry all the equipment with washing up liquid 14.25- place the stir fry into a container 14.26- wash and dry the frying pan with washing up liquid 14.30- pack away and take apron off 14.35- the bell rings ?? ?? ?? ?? My Development recipe (vegetable stir fry) ...read more.

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