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My First Backpack.

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My First Backpack When i was in the 4th grade, my backpack disappeared from my life. I can't remember what happened to i. I may have lost it, or perhaps my sister took it. Anyway, I found myself backpackless. I need a backpack to carry all my books, pens, pencils, highlighters, calculators, and compuses. Sometimes I go a bit overboard with the tools I bring to class. I began to use this strange pack of my dad's, which was actually more like a soft-sided briefcase with back straps. That pack was truly the ugliest piece of luggage I have ever seen. I was embarrassed and made me feel like a fool, but I had no choice but to wear it. ...read more.


It takes a few weeks for L.L. Bean to get something all the way to Kobe, but my backpack eventually arrived. I realized that mallard blue had been a bold choic. The color could definately be called u gly, and its brightness could not be denied. It was also humongous, especially on my small fourth grade body. The crowning detail was my initials "E-M" embroidered on the back. It was clearly an improvement over Dad's dork-case. I loved it, and it has since gone with me everywhere. My bag has acquired a great deal of character since fourth grade. There are little marks and scratches all over the material. There's a small sparkly bead flower that my mother sewed on for me. ...read more.


The final touch is a pin that says "love" in kanji, but also my first letter in my name, "E" of "Ema". I think my backpack is a good representation of me. Just like my backpack, my personality is full of random, loud elements that don't really make sense together. Their only unifying force is the fact that they all belong to me, so I like them. Just as my backpack has picked up a patch here and a beaded design there, I have picked up ideas here and insights there throughout our travels together. It records my history more personally than a diary every could, and although I know it is just a material object, I would be at a loss if I were ever to lose it. Unfortunately, it's falling apart so I cannot use it anymore. ...read more.

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