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My objective is to promote a package for a newly formed company. I will be producing a handbags company, which will be called 'Noble & Wild'.

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Introduction My objective is to promote a package for a newly formed company. I will be producing a handbags company, which will be called 'Noble & Wild'. What inspired me to choose a handbag company was actually my father. This is because he used to have a business in that trade. My company will be world-wide, which will attract the young female group aged between 18-30, as the bags produced will be used as a fashion accessory. I will produce designs for: > A logo for the company > A suitable business card > A appropriate letter head > A introductory leaflet to show the client what services the company offers Logo research This logo has not got a border around it, but it still looks Neatly presented. There is a bright colour used for the Font, which catches your attention. Aswell as a name Used there is also an image included in the logo. I Personally do not like the colour used for the font, as it Is too bright. ...read more.


The colours contrast well with eachother and will look good on the final product. It also looks very lively and wild, it looks very strong and not plain. It ties in well with the font. I chose to draw the '&' in a lighter shade than the font; this is because I thought it really contrasts well with the font. I also made the font stand out rather than the, &, this is because I want the customers to look at the name of the company rather than the &. Research I used the Internet to go to 'ask' and searched for logos on the search engine as shown below. I typed in www.ask.co.uk on the address bar. I typed in logos and pressed the icon ASK! This then enabled me to search for the phrase I was looking for. After I clicked on ask, it led me into further search engines for different websites. I then clicked on the specific website I was after, which then narrowed down my search. ...read more.


There are occasions where people copy and then sell the software to others. They might even issue a copy of the licence agreement. All these plagiarism software are against the law. To copy software, companies lose income, and software's cost a lot of money to build up at first. Viruses A computer virus is a program which: can cause damage and wipe out crucial files on your computer system; attaches itself to another program or a file; can spread and be passed from file to file and computer to computer. Advantages and Disadvantages of using IT Advantages: > Wide variety of materials > Up to date resources > Good/neat presentation > If you make a mistake the computer corrects it > Additional support > Can be saved so easy to find > Communication with people form other places Disadvantages: > Computer could break down > Need a computer > Could lose work > Viruses occur > Need IT skills > Hackers > Low memory floppy disks > Use a lot of electricity > Expensive to maintain computer accessories such as software, ink cartridges, paper, and Internet subscription charges. ...read more.

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