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nutrition for sport performance

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Unit 7 Nutrition for Sport Performance Task 3 Stages / Phases Involving Food Intake Types of food Preparation The footballers will have to train a lot in order to be ready for the competition stage They should watch what they eat as eating the wrong stuff will make their training a lot harder an they may not be fit enough to play in the competitions They will need to have: *A lot of fruits *Rice and chicken *Pasta/Spaghetti *Water/Fruit juice *Meat Competition This is the stage in which footballers will be participating in matches against other players. They will perform really well if they have trained. They may still need to train before a match to touch up on their skills. The players will need to eat loads of carbohydrates in order to last long on the playing field. The energy from the carbohydrates will release when they are playing They will need to have: Before the game : *Energy bars *Fruits *Energy drinks *Energy bars After the game : *Spaghetti *Rice *Pasta Recovery This is the time when the players get to rest after a long season of matches. ...read more.


Basketball players need endurance. In this stage they should eat food such as pasta/potatoes which will help them to last long They will need to have: *Energy bars *Fruits *Energy drinks *Energy bars *Spaghetti *Rice *Pasta Recovery The players can now rest. However basketball players resting time may vary compared to a footballer as they sometimes have competitions all through the year. During this stage they may eat meals. *Fruits *Vegetables *Fish *Bread *Rice *Chicken *Meat *Cereal Task3b For the preparation stage both athletes will need to train a lot in order to be ready for the competition. Throughout the competition they will perform really well if they have trained well enough, after a stage of an end of competition athletes will be weary, professional athletes may receive treatments which will help them relax, such as massages. Both athletes will require a lot of carbohydrates in their daily diet to be able to last longer throughout the competitions. This will require a high amount of carbohydrates, preferably complex carbohydrates such as pasta, giving a slow burning release of energy. ...read more.


This is because many athletes take too much care about the carbohydrate intake, therefore this cause's protein deficiency. They are many experts in dietary that I could get advice on; one could be a doctor. Doctors usually advise their patients to make alterations to their lifestyle, one being change in their diet. Doctors usually refer their patients to dietician. Dietician provides support and advice on what food to eat and how they can maintain their lifestyle. I could possibly ask a dietary to set up a proper dietary programme to suit the needs of both of the athletes chosen. Possibly to enhance their fitness level, I could also get in contact with a personal trainer. Personal trainer's role is to help athletes exercise correctly. I could get a personal trainer to set up a programme for both of the athletes to exercise to their suited sport and to stay along or keep up on the track with their dietary programme given by the dietician. I think the support and the advice given could enhance their fitness level and possibly help them perform better at their sport. Gokhan Talip 13/11/06 1 ...read more.

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