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Omelettes come in many different styles and forms, so here is a basic omelette and some variations that you can take a crack at.

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Omelettes Omelettes come in many different styles and forms, so here is a basic omelette and some variations that you can take a crack at. This recipe quite contentedly feeds one, if they are hungry and like big omelettes. What you need A Frying Pan A Mixing Bowl Some Cooking Oil Some Butter 3 Large Eggs A bit of Milk A Pinch of Salt A Pinch of Pepper Some Mixed Herbs Non obligatory Ingredients 4 Mushrooms 2 rashers of Bacon half a small Onion Some Grated Cheese Some Chopped up Cooked Ham Whatever else you happen to have in your fridge, that you think will go in an omelette What you need to do - basic omelette. Break the eggs into the Mixing bowl, (it doesn't matter if the yokes break, as your going to whisk them in a minute.), and to this a splash of milk, (ok so I expect that your wondering exactly how much a splash is, well basically, its a dollop, you hold the carton and pour some milk in, then stop. ...read more.


All right some will suggest that Mushrooms, and Onion, could exist in both categories, but still these recipes are not law, so you can do what you like with them. Things that need cooking, (Mushrooms, Onion, Bacon, what ever else you happen to have in the fridge.) Well basically after you have to chop them up into small bits, and then fry them in the frying pan, while you are mixing up the other ingredients. And when you come to pouring your mixture on top, you do simply that, and pour your mixture over whatever you decided should be apart of your omelette. Then you carry on as before. Things that don't need cooking, (Mushrooms, Onion, Cheese, etc.) These you add just before you fold your omelette in half, so that they are in the middle. The cheese should melt, and that's all there is to it. The Souffl� Omelette This is principally exactly the similar to the standard omelette, and you can do the same sort of things when it comes down to optional enhancements, however there are several fundamental changes, that are important when it comes down to making souffl� omelettes. ...read more.


The top of this peek should fold over, which is why its called soft peeks rather than hard peeks where they don't, but attaining hard peeks with a balloon whisk is really hard work, so it is unlikely that you will get to see this effect. (it's over rated anyway)) Now when this bit of hard work has been completed, you now mix the rest of the ingredients together in the other mixing bowl, using a fork. This mixture can now be folded into the egg whites using a large spoon. This resulting mixture is then poured into the frying pan. The other difference, is that you cook souffl� omelettes at a slightly higher heat than, basic omelettes, and you cook them quickly. So after about a minute and a half you then transfer the frying pan to under the grill, which you have preheated to a moderate heat, it remains under the grill for about another 1 minute 30 seconds, until the top is an even golden brown. It is now ready to be folded in half and served. ...read more.

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