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OVERWEIGHT: Her emotional well-being is also being affected due to her daily food intake

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Case Study On Marlene. Marlene has very low self-esteem. This is initially leading to factors that are causing her physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs to suffer. Her physical and social well being is being affected due to her daily food intake. Marlene eats a lot of chocolate and crisps and had become very overweight. Marlene may have turned to the chocolate and crisps as comfort eating. ...read more.


This will cause a number of physical and emotional problems. A few physical problems that can arise are cardio-vascular problems, which relates to the heart and the lungs, muscle and joint problems, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and most cases will lead to heart attack and death. The amount of pressure put on the heart can cause the heart to stop working; therefore the number of heart attacks occurring on overweight people is increasing rapidly. ...read more.


Chocolate and crisps has not nutrional value. It will not provide Marlene's body with the correct nutrients to function correctly. Not having a balanced diet will also affect your ability to think and behave. If she isn't feeding her body with the correct food it needs to maintain a healthy weight she will often feel very depressed, as what Marlene will eat will affect her brain. Her food intake in one of the problems that is affecting her physical and emotional well being which is one of the factors why Marlene may have low self esteem. ...read more.

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