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Packaging. To package the fruit and custard tart, the design idea 1 is most suitable

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The packaging for a product is developed during the product development stage. The reason for this is to ensue that the whole product can be produced. The packaging needs to be trailed to make sure it is suitable for the food it will contain. Food packaging has many purposes which include; * Protecting and preserving products to reduce food waste. * Protecting food from being damaged. * For hygiene purposes- keeping food free from bacterial, biological, physical and chemical contamination. * Provide information to the consumers e.g. ingredients, cell by date etc. * Persuades/ attracts customers to buy the product. ...read more.


* Can be squashed and damage food. Design 2 Side view Birds eye view Advantages * Easy to print on. * Cardboard is inexpensive. * Cardboard is biodegradable. * Plastic can be recycled. * Plastic is inexpensive. Disadvantages * Plastic can be difficult to dispose of. Plastic bowl & lid packaging Outer lid cardboard packet. Picture of food. Design 3 Side view Birds eye view Advantages * Clear plastic sleeve makes the dessert inside visible. * Made from high density plastic which can be moulded into any shape. * Plastic is easy to print on. Disadvantages * May be expensive. ...read more.


The cardboard is tough and also recyclable. It is easy to open but will also have a seal to prevent tampering. It is inexpensive, can be easily printed on and can be laminated. The square/rectangular shape makes it easily stackable. The clear plastic sleeve on the top is also effective as it attracts the customers. The following is an outline of the packaging of the final desert product: Birds eye view Cardboard packet. Clear plastic sleeve. Tabs at the side for opening Square shape is easily stackable and is also cost effective. Name of product Clear sleeve allows dessert to be seen Seal to prevent tampering Description Cardboard Packet. Foil tray inside. Side view 3D view Clear plastic sleeve Cardboard Packet. Foil tray inside. IN CONCLUSION: Packaging is very vital because of many factors such as, transport, protection. ...read more.

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