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Pizza Hut is very close to McDonald's fast food restaurant, it is only 100 meters away. It is a competitor to McDonald's restaurant and it really affects McDonald's restaurant, because it too sells food and

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Task4: competitors Name of business: Pizza hut Location: Stratford Competitor 1 The main activity of Pizza Hut restaurant is to sell pizza's, spaghetti, garlic bread, soft drinks etc. The business is about the same size as my franchise called Mcdonald's. It is also franchise and they also do kids parties. They don't sell burgers or any other fast food. It is not fast food restaurant, people have to wait about 15-20 minutes for their food. And it is not self-service restaurant, waiter comes to the customer to get the order. You can order at a till and you also can take away if you don't want to sit down. ...read more.


It is more posh restaurant than McDonald's. People who doesn't like burgers might go to Pizza Hut. Name of business: KFC Location: Stratford Competitor 2 KFC is also a franchise and its size is about the same as McDonald's restaurant. They sell fast food. Most of their products are made with chicken, but still they also sell burgers, chips, drinks and so on. It is popular world known restaurant. KFC is only 150 meters away from McDonald's and it is a competitor, because it is also a fast food restaurant. They sell burgers, chips, drinks and most of them products are made with chicken. McDonald's have only one products made with chicken which is 'chicken burger' and KFC sell lots of products with chicken; popcorn chicken and chips, original recipe chicken, chicken filled burger and so on. ...read more.


It is a small and quiet restaurant. It's also self service restaurant, customers have to order their food in the same way as people order food in McDonald's. The restaurant is about 600-700 meters away from McDonald's. It is a competitor because Kebabs Corner also sell fast food, but their products are a bit different from McDonald's. In Kebabs Corner food is more Asian and in McDonald's food is more European. McDonald's don't do kebabs and Kebabs Corner do. McDonald's restaurant is noisier restaurant and Kebabs Corner is quieter and relax restaurant. Sometimes customers can hear Asian music, so Kebabs Corner is a perfect place for Asian people or for those who likes Asian food. Even if Asian is in front of McDonald's restaurant he/she might decide to go to Kebabs Corner to have lunch. ...read more.

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