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Plan an experiment to see how acceptable low fat spreads are when making short-crust pastryPlan out how you will test and compare the low fat spreads

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OCR GCSE In Home Economics Josef Fleming Number 1058 Bishop Challoner 20027 There is a wide range of low-fat spreads available and many can be used in recipes. a) Plan an experiment to see how acceptable low fat spreads are when making short-crust pastry Plan out how you will test and compare the low fat spreads b) Carry out the test, making the batches of pastry into an individual pie using a bought filling c) Evaluate the use of low fat spreads in pastry making. Fat research Type Of Fat Percentage Of Fat Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil? Saturated fat Lard And Butter 80% minimum No Yes, 54g Low Fat 36% Yes, Sunflower Oil 22% Yes, 9.3g Sunflower 56% Yes, Sunflower oil, 38.8g Yes 14g Olive 59% Yes Yes,14g From this table I have found that the healthiest spread to use is the low fat one, but it is not the easiest to make pastry with. The easiest to make pastry with is the lard and butter as it is hard and easy to rub into the flour however it is very unhealthy. They are high in saturated fats which are very bad for your health. Saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease as it raises blood cholesterol levels. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is also very bad for you as it increases the risk of coronary heart disease by increasing the blood cholesterol levels. ...read more.


out roughly 10 round shapes for the pie base and lids 1.15 Grease a baking tray, put 5 of the round pieces on the tray and add two pieces of apple to the dough circles to create a lidless pie 1.25 Add the 5 remaining dough pieces as lids to the pies and seal them shut with a fork. 1.30 Put the pies in the freezer for 24 hours (Carrying on counting the 24 hours as 5 minutes) 1.35 Take the pies out of the freezer for 2 hours to defrost 3.35 Now the pies are ready to be put into the oven, bake for 20 minutes 3.55 Let the pies cool for 5 minutes 4.00 Carry Out the sensory evaluation Evaluation Sensory Evaluation Fat Colour Flavour Texture Taste Control Light Golden Brown Not a very strong flavour, it was dry and plain Short and crumbly and very dull Very bland. It had no flavour Sunflower Slightly golden brown Very rich in flavour, sweet and tangy Fluffy and smooth to the touch Sweet and tangy, not plain Olive Light Brown Really sweet, very rich in flavour, very strong Sticky, soft and light Sweet and cool, however it was a bit plain Low Fat Very light golden brown Very bland and plain Hard, strong and crunchy but was soft in the middle Very bland. Tasteless Comparison As the table shows, the most favoured was the sunflower pastry. ...read more.


it was hard to rub fat into the mixture The dough was soft and smooth, however it did need quite a lot of water to combine the mixture It was quite easy to roll out as it was soft but it was also quite sticky This was a little hard as the dough was quite sticky Evaluating the spread's differences Looking at the table, it is proven that using the control is the best way to make pastry, as it isn't soft, smooth or sticky and it always comes out firm which is how a pastry should be. The sunflower was also quite a good way to make pastry as it wasn't too hard. The olive and low fat weren't too good as they were time consuming, and the pastry was always either, too soft, smooth or sticky which is the opposite of what is wanted. A pastry should be made following the control procedure. In this, if you compare the control to the others, it was the most different. The low fat and olive pastries were quite similar because they were both sticky and soft, these were the hardest to make the pastry with. Also, if we look at the outcome and our wanted pastry, the one that matched it most was the control as it was short and crumbly. If we exclude the taste, the control was the best and it was the easiest to make in comparison to the rest of the pastries. ...read more.

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