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Plastic materials - There are many different types of plastic, depending on the kind of monomer, the length of polymer chains, and other added compounds.

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Plastic materials There are many different types of plastic, depending on the kind of monomer, the length of polymer chains, and other added compounds. Plastics are usually known by their initials. The numbers follow an international standard for recycling. 1 - PET - polyethylene Terephthalate 2 - HDPE - High-Density polyethylene 3 - PVC - PolyVinyl Chloride 4 - LDPE - Low-Density PolyEthylene 5 - PP - PolyPropylene 6 - PS - PolyStyrene 7 - Other resins, like acrylonitrile butadine styrene (ABS) 1. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) PET is made by condensing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. Known as thermoplastic polyester, this substance is able to exist in either an amorphous or highly crystalline state. ...read more.


Therefore it is used in applications where rigidity is important. HDPE is easy to process, cheap, and highly resistant to chemicals. A negative point is that toxic fumes are produced when HDPE is burnt. 3. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) PVC is made up of vinyl chloride. The plastic can be rigid or flexible, and is durable, weatherproof, and strong. Maximum temperature for PVC is 60oC; under 0oC it becomes brittle. PVC has outstanding resistance to alcohol's, water, concentrated acids, alkalis, petrol and oil. It is not resistant to aromatic solvents. PVC is, in principal, an indestructible plastic unless it is burnt, but then toxic hydrochloric acid is released. ...read more.


Therefore polystyrene is a good insulator and can hold food or drinks at a desired temperature. Polystyrene is also able to absorb shocks, protects against moisture, and is resistant to staining. However, it is brittle and crumbles easily. PET HDPE PVC LDPE PP PS Burns with matches Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Drips (rapidly) Can be ignited but will self-ex-tinguish if fire source is taken away (rapidly) (slower) Black particles White smoke White smoke White smoke Drips Drips Does not drip Smells like candle wax Smells like candle wax Smells like burning fuel Rigity Rigid Semi-rigid Semi-rigid Flexible Semi-rigid Brittle to Semi-rigid Tough Bottle surface Glossy Rough Very glossy Low gloss Usually low gloss Glossy ...read more.

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