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Prepare and present a direct marketing plan for Chopsticks restaurant

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Introduction In this assignment I am going to prepare and present a direct marketing plan for Chopsticks restaurant which will emphasis on the menu. Chopsticks restaurant is a Chinese restaurant reliant on high street shoppers during the day, but the evening trade is always disappointing, especially at weekends. Here I'll involves my opinion and suggest which can increase trade based on the restaurant's menu. A primary objective of food and beverage establishments is the selling in its widest sense of the product: food and /or beverages. The common and major aid is the menu, in all of its many forms. Once customers are on the premises of a catering establishment one of the main sales tools is some form of a menu. By understanding this, a new dinning menu will be setting up based on involved of: types of menu; structure of the menu; flexibility of the menu; language of the menu, and so on. ...read more.


Also on the weekend, a special promotion can be making for the customers: children under 12 years for half price; a group of 5 will get 10% discount; group of 8 will get 20% discount...... People are likely to go to a buffet with some friends or familiars, and also there is a big save in the restaurant's finance because the save of overheads (fewer employees required.....). Structure of the menu The structure of the menu planned with either of the food-based approaches is determined by the appropriate meal pattern. We can develop our own individualized menus while incorporating the required food components/items. We should plan a variety of foods over the menu cycle. When planning the menus, there are factors should consider: � The customer's tastes- the type of people we are planning to cater for--- shoppers in the city requiring quick service. � The staffing skills (Number and capability of staff) - over stretched staff can easily reduce the standard of production envisaged. ...read more.


It is necessary that customers should clearly understand what the items are, and not be left guessing. Conclusions The main aim of a food menu or beverage list is to inform customers in a clear way of what is available to them. As a sales tool it often will, by the use of well-planned and presented advertising techniques, direct the customer as to what to buy. In other words, by the means of a well-planned and presented menu it is possible to plan for a profit, or as in the case of the non commercial sector, to aid in controlling the costs while at the same time fully satisfying customer requirements. With the careful yet effective application of design, layout, typography and graphics, a menu can complement the atmosphere and type of service, and with the correct use of language and location of items, will result in a reliable and useful sales medium. The most powerful deterrents to sales are ignorance and fear by the customer. A good menu sets out consciously to assist customers by gaining their confidence and setting them at ease. ...read more.

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