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'Produce a promotional package for a newly formed company'.

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Plan For this project, I have been asked to 'Produce a promotional package for a newly formed company'. This document is my plan for that coursework task In order to complete this task successfully, I have been asked to include the following features: - > A suitable logo for the company > A business card > Letter headed paper > An introductory leaflet, suitable for presentation to a prospective client, giving brief details of the services offered by the company. To complete this task I will be required to carry out some research, which will involve using the Internet, and also completing a small amount of non-IT research, perhaps involving a promotional package from a competitors company. These will be included in my next section. In order to create the above items, I will need to use various computer programs and software tools, including a word processor and a desktop publishing program. These will be sufficient to use in order to create a business card, a letter headed sheet and an introductory leaflet. To design a suitable company logo, I intend to attempt to create a relatively simple logo, as my research will prove that successful companies can succeed with only the simplest of logos. For this reason, I intend to use a relatively simple graphics program. Obviously, I will also need to use a web browser as part of my research, and this is the same both at school and on my home connection. ...read more.


I decided that, for my letterhead, I would use a similar idea to my business card, except leaving out the personal contact details. This is to preserve continuity in the company literature. Therefore, my letterhead design was easy to produce. It looks like this. To demonstrate the use of this letterhead, I have written an example letter to a prospective customer, which can be seen on the next page. 'With Compliments' Slips It is customary in the business world to supply customers who request company literature that does not require a cover letter to include a small slip of company paper, giving them the compliments of the company. In most cases, this is the same as the letterhead, and this is also the case with my company. Here is my 'With Compliments' slip for Parker Hotels. On the next pages, you can see my final project. My work has been saved in my user area of my school server. The area of the server I have used is illustrated below. The Use of IT in this project The use of IT in the production of this project has been a great advantage to my purpose in many ways, and it would do so in a real life situation, but it does not come without its disadvantages. The main reason why such a large percentage of businesses in the modern world use Information Technology to promote their business is because it provides a totally professional look. ...read more.


I also asked my father to read the work, and he was able to help me correct a few spelling mistakes. It was necessary for me to password protect my files during the course of the project, to avoid attacks from other users. I also decided to backup my files on my own floppy disk, so that I could retrieve my files even if they were destroyed for some reason. A screen print of my spell check. My floppy disk for backing up files. Other errors I encountered included a faulty printer, which turned out to have no ink left, and also the program I was using telling me not to overwrite a file that I was currently accessing. When using computers, it is vital to ensure that you use correct posture, to avoid giving yourself any unnecessary aches and pains because you sit incorrectly. You should take a break from computers every hour for at least 15 minutes, to avoid becoming transfixed by the computer screen and causing problems with your eyes, and to avoid over-exposure to computer radiation. Computer users should never turn a computer off while they are still working on it, by pressing emergency cut off switches, as it can damage the computers and also blow the fuses running them. Computer users must be wary of viruses, especially when computers are connected to the Internet. It is very simple to do, as you must simply run a virus-checking program, such as Norton AntiVirus, which highlights any viruses, and have it constantly checking any downloaded files for errors. ICT Coursework - Project 1a Mark - 25/28 1 ...read more.

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