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product analysis

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This is a 50s style halterneck dress. I like the ribbon that ties around the neck as it looks feminine and fun. If I were to make this dress it would have a large colorful waist belt and maybe a logo to add to the pop art theme. ...read more.


I really like the pattern on the dress and the bold colors would go well with the pop art theme. I also like the ribbon belt and the collar on this design. If I were to make a dress this style I don't think I would change much because the overall design matches my design brief, but I would have to modernize it in some way so that a teenager might wear it. ...read more.


The stripy pattern makes it look fun and shows the 50s style well. I also like the wavy hem at the bottom, however this dress may be too complicated for me too make. This skirt has a nice shape, but I don't like the pattern on it. If I were to make it I would add a belt or leave it as it is and have colorful button decoration. I would also choose a better, bolder fabric for the skirt. ...read more.

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