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product design

Free essay example:

The Kitemark is issued by the British Standards

Institute. (BSI)

Customers see the Kitemark as a sign of quality.

It can help sales of your product.

TASK: Explain what it is and why it is important for you to use.

Continuous/Mass or Batch Production?

Which is a suitable manufacturing method for  your product?

  • Continuous (non stop)

+    uninterrupted production

  • expensive specialised equipment needed

  • Mass (high volume)

+   repetitive assembly, using CNC machines.

-    expensive specialised equipment needed

  • Batch (specific quantity)

+   easily repeat batch orders

  • Expensive to set up jigs and templates

TASK: Explain different methods of production.  

Evaluate which method is best suited for your product.


Which could you use?

  • Plastics

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Fabric ??


Write 2-3 advantages/disadvantages of using each

material to produce your product.

Write a small evaluation and include which

material you will use.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Resistant Materials section.

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