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Product Design - analysis of the XBox 360

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Introduction: The reason that I have chosen the Xbox as the item to do this project on is because of the following reasons. * It has several add-ons which can be used and are used on a constant basis * I am an Xbox owner myself and know its pros and cons and know a severe amount about it. Along with these reasons the Xbox 360 has an expandable memory for music and photos. On the Xbox you can save games to the hard drive which comes in very handy if your and gets scratched this is how you resolve it without having to buy a new game. The expandable memory on these consoles depends on the type of Xbox bought. For example the elite console has an expandable memory up to 250 GB. This 250 GB is for also watching and recording sky on just like the new sky plus box. You can record movies and keep on your hard drive to watch again and again. ...read more.


The users are also nearly always male as not many girls would find the Xbox interesting or even fun to use. Modifications: There are very few modifications that can be made to the Xbox 360. The first modification I would make to the console would be to do with the durability. I would make it so that it would not break with a slight fall. Another modification I would make would be to the heat given off from the console as it gives off an enormous amount. This could be resolved solved by inventing a fan used via a USB port on the back to keep it discreet. Thirdly the weight of the console is colossal weight weighing 3.5 kilograms which makes it highly importable. Safety: The Xbox 360 is extremely safe. It has rounded edges so that it is safe for little children who may hurt themselves. One unsafe feature of the console would be the heat outlet which could burn someone if they put their hand on it or even worse, start a fire if it is left on for too long. ...read more.


It is around 1 foot tall, about 4 inches thick and around 8 inches wide. It is terribly heavy for a console and very awkward to move. Specifica tions: * Plays all Xbox 360 titles. * Wireless control with rumble * Xbox LIVE * 60GB hard drive * Multimedia compatible * Standard or HD graphics * Free and Premium downloadable game and entertainment content. * Support for DVD-video, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and MP3 CD * Customizable face plates (picture below) * 3 USB2.0 ports * Support for 4 wireless controllers * Removable 60GB drive * Wi-Fi ready Conclusion: The Xbox 360 looks good and is a nice and attractive shape. It doesn't have the best durability but nothing to worry about. There are very few modifications that could be made to it. It is safe and perfectly designed in every aspect of the console. It is quite large and heavy but is definitely worth the money. Overall in my opinion the Xbox is a great buy for anyone, young or old. Anyone who buys it will have great fun and get plenty of use out of it. ...read more.

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