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Proud to be an American.

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Proud to be an American As I sit here and reflect back on my life, I can only think of a few things that have impacted my life drastically. One of those incidents was when I was twelve years old and I went on a gymnastics trip to Beijing, China. It was the first time I would be leaving the country and the longest flight I would ever go on. I was so exhausted when we arrived. The climate in China is terrible because the sky is all smog and smoke, causing tremendous humidity. You cannot even see the sun or stars because it is so dirty. I remember one incident distinctly when my gymnastics coach and I went to eat breakfast at a little restaurant on the side of the road. When we looked at the restaurant windows they looked like those frost covered windows at Christmas time, but when we opened the door, smoke came out and engulfed us causing us to cough, like an asthma attack. ...read more.


My friend James and I were the only two willing to pick out the headpiece. He had the left side and I had the right. We were sitting there with chopsticks picking out the brain and other parts of the body in a duck. We even made one of my friends throw-up. Now, the squirrel liver was the most interesting piece of food I had the whole time in China. The liver pieces were orange colored, rough textured, and slimy. The funny part about them is that you could sit there all day and night trying to chew this thing or tear it apart with your teeth and not make any progress. You have to swallow it whole. Staying in China showed me many different viewpoints in life. Seeing all the dogs, cats and ducks being cooked on the side of the road, along with the fat rats running along the streets, made me really understand how lucky I really am to live in a country as great as the United States. ...read more.


One time in China, I saw a man lying unconscious with his head busted open and a big splatter of blood on the wall. Everyone was just walking by and not giving a hoot that the man was laying there. This is why I'm thankful for all the help and aid we receive from the police, hospitals, military, and fire departments. I am grateful to live in the strongest nation in the world. Even to this day whenever I feel like I'm not being treated fairly or that I'm not getting what I want, I think about what it would be like if I lived in another country. Although we do not have a perfect government system, it is still considered by many to be the best in the world. In addition, human rights are of paramount importance in the United States. By contrast, citizens of other countries are strictly controlled by the government and in some instances are not allowed to own a business. This is part of the American dream and it's these differences that really make you appreciate what we have in the United States. ...read more.

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