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Researching upon designing a computer game's cover (box)

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Researching upon designing a computer game's cover (box) Using my research I found that my computer game could be packaged in a variety of different ways. After looking at my packaging designs I narrowed it down into two different designs, which were the box design and the DVD case design. I had to choose which one I was going to use for my product so I looked at there properties and found that the box design could be easily flat packed and was very cheap to make but the DVD case was not able to be flat packed and its material (Plastic) was not environmentally friendly. ...read more.


Cardboard has an excellent printing surface and is also recyclable although it has a low strength ratio. The plastic on the other hand is very cheap, light, strong and is easy to mould into complex shapes although it isn't environmentally friendly and has disposal problems. If we can recycle this plastic then it could weaken its chemical structure. The questionnaire was designed to see what the consumers visual response was towards a game cover (Whether it was its colour, style or even shape). Most people preferred bold colours which stood out a lot more. Others preferred bright colours such as "The Sims" cover, which was a lot more appealing and a lot more attractive. ...read more.


If I was sending letters to a mass amount of people then I would be able to print my logo on it without using a lot of ink. I found that an effective logo would consist of contrasting colours, boldness, creativity and the style of lettering. Whilst researching my colours I looked at what the colours meant and what it may represent. I need something that gives an impact needed to attract and hold the interest of the viewer. I know that a PC game cover will need to be very attractive because it will be on a shelf with other games and if I want my game to be picked up and recognised then I will need to design a cover with a good contrast of colours and a lot of creativity. ...read more.

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