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Review of Electronics Systems in Society

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Electronics Research Assignment Review of Electronics Systems in Society Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are small, portable devices used for voice or data communication using cellular radio networks. In recent years, the technology of mobile phones has advanced much and many additional features have been added such as digital cameras, video recording, internet and email. MP3 Players: These are devices used for storing and playing music. The music is stored digitally as files in formats such as MP3 and WMA. Although the devices are small they can store up to 160 GB of data or around 50,000 songs. People can therefore take their entire music library with them wherever they go. Computers: Machines used to store data and perform complex calculations using sets of instructions called programs. They can be used to carry out many tasks such as word processing, graphics and electronic communication. Television: A system of sending and receiving pictures and sound by means of electronic signals transmitted through wires and optical fibres or by electromagnetic radiation. (MSN Encarta). Television is a source of information and entertainment. Recently television technology has developed and digital television has become more and more used with better picture quality and more channels. General Effects of Electronic Systems in Society Positives * Electronics allow widespread access to information so people can quickly and easily find out about important news etc. through the internet and television. ...read more.


Computers Computers are being used more and more for the purpose of leisure. The internet is a source of entertainment as it contains videos, games and social friend networks. Also computers are used for playing games. Computers that are faster and more powerful have allowed higher definition games to be played. More and more people are getting computers for leisure and now more than 100 million people connected to the internet. Computers are not only used in leisure, they are also used in many more areas such as hospitals and industry. Computers have made a huge impact on society and can be used in almost any situation. Cameras Cameras are another device that has come a long way as a result of electronic developments. Analogue cameras use film which can be expensive and pictures cannot be viewed before they are developed. The introduction of digital cameras has changed the way that cameras are used as lots of pictures can be stored on one device and be deleted before they are printed. The quality of pictures that cameras can produce is always improving as new technology has allowed cameras using more pixels to be made such as cameras with 21 million pixels. This makes the image quality very high. Future Developments Mobile Phones Mobile phones are constantly being updated and new features are regularly added. Recent developments in mobile phone technology are the use of 3G technology which can be used for high speed connection which allows the use of video calls, email video streaming and other services. ...read more.


They also provide many jobs for people in manufacturing or research and development. The environmental effect of these electronic systems is that more waste is produced because of early obsolescence and some of the waste is potentially dangerous as batteries often contain poisonous metals. Also more electricity is being used as a result of more widely available electronics and more fossil fuels are being burned to keep up with demand. This contributes to global warming. The factories that produce electronics also pollute the atmosphere with waste gases. Overall I would say that electronics in leisure are beneficial to society as they help the economy and help to connect people. Analysis of ethical, European, cultural or moral impact of electronic developments Greater development in systems used for communication make it easier to communicate with European partners. This improves connections with the rest of Europe for business and trade purposes and improves the economy of the UK. The ability to broadcast images through television and other media has increased cultural awareness as different cultures can be shown to people without the people having to travel around the world. This new cultural awareness means that people know more about the world and the different cultures that are in it. Sources http://www.wikipedia.org - General information on electronic systems. http://www.blu-ray.com/info/ - Detailed infromation on Blu-ray Disks. http://www.statistics.gov.uk - Statistics of internet use. Http://inages.google.co.uk - Images of electronic systems. http://direct.tesco.com/buyersguide - Infromation on LCD and Plama televisions ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Arstall ...read more.

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