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Scientific Principles - All living organisms require a range of foods to supply their needs.

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Scientific Principles Assignment 1 All living organisms require a range of foods to supply their needs. Humans have special needs in terms of macro-components in their diet. The committee on medical aspects of food policy (COMA) produced a report in 1991 called Dietary reference values of food energy and nutrients for the UK, which updated dietary requirements Dietary Requirements Our energy and nutrient requirements vary according to our age, sex, body size and levels of activity. Since everyone is different, it is very difficult to be specific about individual energy and nutrient requirements. Scientists have estimated the requirements for groups of people with similar characteristics such as age, sex and levels of physical activity. I recorded my diet over a period of three days on a diet collection sheet. (appendix 1) I found the foods I had consumed fitted into the following categories. Proteins Protein helps build muscles, protect our immune system and keep our body in top working order. ...read more.


In fact, as a supplier of concentrated energy and "essential fatty acids," it is a valuable and necessary part of a healthy diet. It is eating too much of the wrong kinds of fat that can cause health problems, and in this article I explain the differences between "good" and "bad" fats. Why Some Fat is Good for You * Fat is where our body stores excess calories. When your body's stores of carbohydrates have been depleted, which can occur after as little as 20 minutes of aerobic activity, it draws on necessary reserves of fat for energy. * Fat helps maintain healthy hair and skin. * Fat transports the important fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K through the blood stream. * Linoleic acid, one of the most essential fatty acids, helps ensure proper growth and development for infants. All Fats Are Not Created Equal The fats we eat, as opposed to the ones that exist in our body and blood stream, are divided into three categories, according to the level of their hydrogen saturation. ...read more.


Remember that all fats, regardless of type, contain the same number of calories. So in conclusion, margarine is better for you because it does not increase cholesterol like butter. The observations from my dietary sheet show that I have consumed numerous carbohydrates and forms of lipids such as fats and oils. Carbohydrates are one of the main forms of 'quick' energy. Examples of these would be glucose, sucrose and starch all of which are mainly sugars. Complex Carbohydrates are made up of two or more simple sugars linked together. Disaccharides are compounds that contain a bond between carbon (1) of one sugar and a hydroxyl group at any position on the other sugar. The phospholipid bilayer where the cell membrane is an example of is composed of various cholesterol, phospholipids, glycolipids and proteins. Below is an example of a simple phospholipid bilayer. The smaller molecules between the phospholids are cholesterol which help to give rigidity or stability to the membrane. The phospholipids are the hydrophilic circles with hydrophobic tails. And since most of the cell and area surrounding the cell is made up of water, these fatty acid tails always 'push' away from the water. ...read more.

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