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Sociologists have drawn conclusions that children are socialized at a young age by their parents.

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Human nature has demonstrated one thing over decades gone bye, that once a system has been adopted by a society, people are very reluctant even resilient to change that system. The Aristotelian world view affirmed all matter was formed from earth, air, water and fire and stated that heavy objects fall at a faster rate than do lighter objects, dominated civilized society for over a thousand years.i All one had to do to disprove a large portion of this premise, was to drop two objects simultaneously and watch as they both fell at the same rate regardless of their respected weights. This simple test could have proved the existence of gravity thus ending the Aristotelian world view. Why did it take this test eighteen hundred years to be preformed? Simply put humans' have no will to change, as can be seen in today's society with the current obesity epidemic. Over the centuries it has been proven that humanity as a whole most often takes the road least traveled, meaning once something is done easily, no matter which side effects incur people do not have the will to change. Because of the lack of will to alter contemporary life, the enormous power of big business, the media's overwhelming influence and the fact that people are oblivious to their current state of affairs, as far as health is concerned, humankind is now destined to a life of obesity. ...read more.


Computers, cell phones, and the internet make the world smaller which means less space to be active, like the human body was designed to be. In a sense the going is always good when speaking of the food supply for the majority of people in Canada, therefore the body carries out one of its main functions, store fat when it can be stored and save it for a time where it cannot receive food from outside sources. This creates a problem for many Canadians. One cannot live like our ancestors nor would one want to, but knowing this one can see how the body is in conflict with our culture. When the balance of energy input, (the food eaten) and energy output (the energy expended by the body) are not in equilibrium, one either gains or looses weight.ix People now evidently do not receive the amount of physical activity that the body was designed for, but are also eating in a much different manner, one that allots for much fat storage. It is because of the body built for the stone ages but living in the information ages that humankind is now destined to become obese. With the information age upon us people are constantly exposed to pictures of super models, body builders and professional athletes that have the ideal bodyx. It is natural for people to strive to achieve that in which they do not posses and many people are now attempting to reach "the six pack abs" that society has put on a pedestal. ...read more.


As time continues to move forward so will the waist lines of the human population. Large corporations that market the food consumed are now to powerful for anyone to stop the sales of junk food, people have no will to stop eating these junk foods and the human body will continue to store all calories not used as fat. It is also not foreseeable that people revert back to a time where active lifestyle is a way of life therefore the obese society will now be the norm. i Science in Society School Text book ii Families in Canadian Society by: Maureen Baker Page 68 iii The Macdonald's Website Food Facts www.macdonalds.com iv Men's Health Website Calorie Calculator http://www.menshealth.com/weightloss2/calorie_tool.shtml v Families in Canadian Society Maureen Baker P68 vi Men's Health Magazine September 2002 Page 67 vii National Center for Health Statistics www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/overwt.htm viii Men's Health Magazine August 2002 Page 34 ix Calories in Vs Calories out by: Dr. Helen Branswell www.canoe.ca/health0011/27_fat_cp.html x Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145 No. 3 xi Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145 No. 3 xii www.obesity.org xiii www.diet-and-health.net/diseases/obesity.html xiv National Center for Health Statistics www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/overwt.htm xv Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145, No. 3 xvi Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145, No. 3 xvii Dr. Gifford Jones Online Article www.canoe.ca/health0111/05_jones-sun.html xviii Dr. Gifford Jones Online Article www.canoe.ca/health0111/05_jones-sun xix Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145, No.3 xx Dr. Emma Ross Online Article www.canoe.ca/health0102/16_kids-ap.html xxi Time Magazine January 16, 1995 Volume 145, No.3 ...read more.

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