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Sonoco trident, DPIA and Motar printing

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UNIT A: APPLICATION OF NEW TECHNOLOGY IN MANUFACTURING PRINTING There are many different companies that operate in the manufacture of printing. But I have chosen just three which are: Sonoco trident, DPIA and Motar printing Introduction In the manufacture of printing there are a number of stages that have to be completed these stages are: Capturing an image Many graphic projects begin with "analogue" images such as 35 mm slides, transparencies or reflective art. To produce a "digital" image, these elements are converted to digital files, which can be manipulated on a computer system. This step is usually accomplished by scanning the analogue image. The scanner measures reflected or transmitted light from the analogue image, assigning numerical values to the colours or tones in the image to create a digital copy. With the image "translated" into a series of numbers, the information can be stored on a computer hard disk or other electronic media such as a removable drive, PhotoCD or magnetic tape. Once the image has been converted to numbers, it can be transferred from one computer to another or sent electronically. ...read more.


Unlike object-oriented graphics, bit-mapped graphics cannot be enlarged without affecting image quality. As the image increases in size, the squares of the grid increase in size, reducing clarity. It is important to plan for the final output size when scanning a bit-map graphic in order to have enough information, or detail, to meet the output requirements. Your service provider can provide specifications for scanning requirements. Bit-mapped graphics are usually larger files than object-oriented graphic files since more information is required to reproduce the image. While graphics files are divided into two types - object-oriented (vector) and bit-mapped (raster) - there are many "file formats" used to produce graphic images. Two widely used file formats are TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). TIFF files are usually bit-mapped while object-oriented files tend to be EPS files. Different types of images, such as photographs, logos and line drawings can be imported into one assembly application for design and layout by using common file formats. At the completion of the design and layout phase, all elements have been assembled into one file. ...read more.


Thermal wax / resin transfer Wax or resin is applied to a film carrier, usually in a roll format. The wax or resin is transferred to the media using heat. Each colour must be transferred individually. Dye sublimation Similar to thermal transfer, sublimation dyes are transferred from a carrier roll and applied through the use of heat. When a controlled amount of heat is applied, the dye is vaporised and transferred to the media. Electrostatic Special media is imaged with an electronic charge, which attracts toner particles. Typical electrostatic printers image each colour individually. Spray jet Individual ink colours are applied directly to the media through a spray nozzle. Digital images can be applied to paper, vinyl, fabric, plastics and many other materials. Depending on your specific requirements, your service provider can help you select the best output device. Finishing Using special media, inks and/or laminates, images can be produced which withstand sunlight and most weather conditions. Also, adhesives are available which provide the opportunity to apply digital images to various surfaces. You'll find digital images on buses, planes, buildings, ceramic tiles, textiles and just about any surface imaginable ...read more.

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