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Speech My mother has been watching the TV programme 'You are what you eat', and how desperately right that statement is. In today's society our generation of

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Speech My mother has been watching the TV programme 'You are what you eat', and how desperately right that statement is. In today's society our generation of children are the unhealthiest yet. With obesity and diabetes rates soaring, The population is manipulated into buying products which, despite what they say, are very unhealthy for you. Various computer consoles and daytime television of hundreds of channels mind numb everybody, hours upon hours of cartoons. For adults the pressure of work has superseded the priority of cooking good food which adds a potential 12 years onto a human life. So who do they turn to? McDonalds and take- aways full of sugar and salt which cause heart attacks, strokes and other life threatening conditions. When we buy these products we are donating to a company which kills and damages hundreds of thousands of people a year. The man behind the programme 'Super size me' ate nothing but McDonald products for a month. He became clinically depressed, clinically obese and his doctor said if he were to carry one he would die. ...read more.


There are five golden rules which you can follow and I assure you they will make you live longer, they will make you happier which will aid in your social, mental and physical health. But over all they will make you a better healthier person.. The golden rules are: 1. Always eat breakfast: The importance of eating breakfast can not be overemphasised. A healthy breakfast gives you energy your kick-start your day. It makes you feel good makes you concentrate (and for anyone with a demanding job that isn't a bad idea is it?) and its stops you from being slow and sluggish and stops you from being distracted. As well as this it is a scientific fact that children with a good breakfast do better in school- better grades, more friends, less trouble, better test results and ultimately very good GCSEs and A-levels can be obtained just through a good diet. An example of a good breakfast: * Add a portion of fresh fruit, and some seeds and nuts to low-sugar cereal. ...read more.


So stop buying processed foods, don't rely on take-aways and cook your own food, but cut down on the salt you pour in it. 5. Processed foods the biggest 'no' you'll ever hear: Give up on processed foods! Processed foods are generally packed to the brim with salt, sugar and saturated and trans fats- and which all of them are bad for you. You can solve this by cooking your own food- and you'll know exactly what you put in it. And you can find loads of ideas for good healthy food in cook books which don't take very long to prepare and cook. So that's it, I've told you what rubbish is up for sale in the world we live in today, I've told the horrible immoral effects of what some of these 'foods' do to you. But there is hope. I've shown you five ways to help find the beautiful, confident, healthy person inside you (and there's one in every single last person, yes even you Gappy there is hope don't worry). The UK is on one major health kick, it's changing for the better. Are you? ?? ?? ?? ?? Francis Runcieman SMH 23/02/06 Year 11 Coursework 1129 Words ...read more.

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