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Step By Step Guide On Making A CD Case For D+T Resistant Materials

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D&T Manufacturing Plan 1. Find right equipment; ruler, chisel, sand paper, glue, pine and ply 2. Measure the right lengths of wood and then cut into 4 separate parts 250mm for the lengths and 170mm for the widths Equipment needed; Ruler, saw, pencil 3. ...read more.


make about 12 pieces (6 ether side) to make the support for the CDs Equipment needed; pencil, saw, ruler 6. Glue the pine sticks to the inside of the frame making sure that nothing sticks out using sand paper, and also making sure that it only goes about 3/4 of the way down to leave space for the storage area. ...read more.


Making sure that nothing is sticking out and that the measurements are all correct glue the plywood on to the back of the pine frame. Equipment needed; ruler, glue 9. Sand down any sticking out bits to make it look presentable. Equipment needed; sand paper 10. Sand the corners to make it aesthetically pleasing as possible. Equipment needed; sand paper 11. Then for a finishing touch add water based vanish. Equipment needed; vanish ...read more.

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