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Technology Evaluation

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From designing the project to making the project their have been several difficulties and several improvements and changes to the project. The project I made was a train with abacas inside it. I made the train as I had to make a toy for a child at play. This involved research and planning. I had to research what children liked and would it suite a male or female child, therefore I wanted to make a toy which was for either a male or female child. Then I thought of the age group of the toy was targeted at; therefore I then decided to make the toy for my male cousin. And a train was perfect as it was suitable for a child to play with. But then I had to think about the type of train and I wanted to make the train educational and a train to play with. So I made several designs and preliminary work to make sure the train I chose to make was the best for a child to have fun with but within the fun try and learn something. Leading up to my decision on which train would suite the purpose the best was very difficult, so I did a survey and I targeted all age groups and I made several surveys. I made the survey so that it showed which train was the best; I asked adults- the people who buy the children the present and the survey showed that the train with an abacas was the most popular, I asked reasons for why they liked a specific train and the conclusion was that the train with an abacas was the best as it was educational and a toy to play with. But there was a specific interest in how it was educational and they said because the abacas was a intellectual and something the child would use as a toy as the abacas spins around. ...read more.


on the smaller pieces of wood and then having to remake those specific pieces of wood and then having to stick them on. This set back to the longest time to solve, but every other problem was only minor and a few changes had to be made, in order to get the product finished and fully completed. If I had to make the product again I would change the design because the design was very complicated to compile together and this made it very hard for me to join the smaller pieces of wood together. If I was to do the product again I would have the whole side piece of the train as one and therefore there wouldn't be many small pieces of wood to join together, except for the top of the train. I would also change the size of the train so it was proportional to the length, as I made a mistake, because there were not enough recourses of wood, so I had to change the size, but I changed the length by 20cm but only changed the width by 5cm, and this made the train very wide in proportion to the length. So I would have the length proportional to width, as this would make the train look more like a train. I would also have more time to finish the product and I would make the carriage that I planned to do, but as there was not enough time for it to be completed; because I would make the carriage to make the train more child friendly and more educational for the child; also to make the train look complete. I would use better would, like oak wood which I planned to use but due to insufficient recourses I had to use chip board instead. I would put gloss on the train, or I would spray paint the train in more child friendly colours, like brighter colour instead of silver and gold. ...read more.


The age group and sex that will use this product is from 2-5 years and the product is made for male children, but females could play with the train as well. But the train is publicised for male children. The train is for children who are about 2 to 5 years old because after 5 years old children have learnt the alphabet and know numbers 1-10 and they start playing with other more advanced toys. My product has been designed for mass production and if it is mass produced, the product will be manufactured by skilled workers, who are earning a fair wage for their skills and are in a safe environment. Then the product will have to be made in the UK as this will reduce the transportation costs but the labour costs will increase and this will ensure that the product is made to a good standard, but the labours are getting a fair wage and good conditions manufacturing the product. Therefore the product has to be made in the UK otherwise if it is made abroad the product is likely to be made in a third world country where the conditions of work are not very good and the wage is very low. But if made in the UK the product will have greater labour wages but there will be fair wages. There was a lot of product wasted when making my product, especially when I had to make the smaller pieces of wood again, without the joints. This could be reduced be better planning and have use all the wood given. The product involves very expensive machinery and this must have a long life span to ensure that the machinery does not have to be replaced frequently. The life span of the machinery could be increased by careful usage of the machinery and have regular service of the machine to ensure the smooth running of the machine and to make sure that it is a long lasting machine. ...read more.

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