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Technology Product Evalution.

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Technology Product Evalution Introduction I am looking at the dishwasher as I am very knowledgeable on it. I have a number of good ideas on how to improve the washer. I am also interested in electrical devices such as this. Also my father manages a company which deals with such appliances. Description This dishwasher is mahogany brown in colour. It fully integrates with our fitted kitchen. On the face of the dishwasher is a drop-down door containing a mahogany panel. On the top part of the front panel is the function knob and 3 function buttons. I have explained how these operate on the opposite side of the picture. Inside the washer, it is mostly water powered with the exception of the heating elements. There are 2 stacking racks inside with a cutlery basket situated in the centre of the bottom rack. There are 2 spraying arms which are powered by water pressure. There is a sound dampening layer of material below the lid of the washer. The dishwasher is 954mm in height and 600mm x 500mm top surface area. The is a 150mm gap between the washer and the floor. It is supported by a block of kitchen integrated wood. Justification I have chosen this product because: 1) ...read more.


It would be important in the marketing stage. It is important that the washer goes well with kitchen furnishings. 5. Cost is important because it must meet the price band that customers expect to pay. It is also vitally important in the marketing stage of the product. Specification ? Should be attractive to the eye. Also should integrate well with kitchen furnishings. Written instructions should be clear and concise. ? Should be safe to use. Water and electrical sections should be safely divided. No sharp edges should be left uncovered. Small areas in which fingers , could be caught should be safely guarded. ? Metallic, rustproof material should be used for the interior of the machine to withstand extreme thermal and aquatic conditions. ? Exterior should be made of an electrically insulating material such as plastic. Wooden cover on door for mahogany effect. There should also be a sound proofing material surrounding the machine to reduce noise pollution. ? Door should open easily with little force required. The operation switches and knobs should be easy to understand. Instructions and cycle instructions should be basic and direct. Cost is also important, it needs to reflect the product's features and be within a price band that is accessible to most people. Questionnaire No. surveyed 1. Do you think that the dishwasher is fairly easy to use? ...read more.


The machine has a counter balance door for easy opening and an 'easy grip' control knob for easier operation. The interior of the machine includes an 'easy lift' upper basket. Door tends to stick at times. Also the symbols on the knob often wear off with time and use. Appearance: It is fairly dark and dull. It integrates well with the mahogany kitchen as a wood panel door has been fitted. It also has a brown control panel which adds to its unattractiveness. The control panel is easily cleaned however. Modification 1. I would modify the door mechanism. It can be quite stiff at times and needs to be adjusted to loosen spring slightly as I have mentioned in the evaluation. 2. I would also modify the timer knob of the washer as sometimes it is difficult to know what cycle the dishwasher is in because the letters wear off. 3. The appearance I think needs to be improved as the machine is fairly dull and dreary. It needs brightened up. Wash progression L.E.D.'s would brighten up the control panel and be a source of information for the user. 4. I would also route the main wiring harness up the back of the dishwasher instead of its current position via the door. This would prevent wires breaking due to fatigue caused by the door opening and closing over the course of its working life. ...read more.

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