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Tesco Marketing Exercise.

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TESCO MARKETING EXERCISE TESCO is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the U.K. We analyzed this business and went into a TESCO superstore, where we observed a lot of things to fulfill our marketing exercise. First we picked up two products and noted down the variations of brands and products available. We decided to look at chocolate bars and soft drinks. All in all there was a big variety of products. Here are the kinds of chocolate bars we found: Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Flake, Twirl, Kit Kat, Dream, Snickers, Chunky, Aero, Toffee Crisp, Snickers Cruncher, Snow Flake, Galaxy ripple, Bounty, Caramel, Deckers, Kinder Bueno, Chrunchie. We noticed that the brands that dominate this area are Cadbury's and Nestle, owned by Masterfoods, in which these products were also more expensive than the others. The price ranges went from 0.88(not a Nestle or Cadbury's product) to 3 pounds. But the chocolate bars weren't separated into different categories depending on the brand or the price. Most of the bars that were offered were in wrappers, that means you couldn't buy a separate and individual chocolate bar, without paying a lot of money for a packet. ...read more.


Here is the order of isles and kind of products, how they are placed: Fruit and veg, health and beauty, dog food, kitchen ware, games, desserts, canned fruit, CD's, frozen food, sweet, frozen food and drinks. At the side of the shop you can find the meat, bread and fish counter. After this we looked at the consumer profile. We tried to describe the age, gender and family situation of a specific amount of people chosen at random. We concentrated us on special isles: The sweet and chocolate isle, the frozen food section and bread. In the chocolate section we could observe that almost every kind of person was buying items and products, but most of the consumers were women and older men. I think the reason for this are children the women could possibly have, because children are the biggest consumers of chocolate and sweets. In the frozen food area we could make an interesting observation. Most of the people that bought frozen food were old people. This could be explained through the ease in preparing these meals. Many old people find it hard to cook and to stand a long time in the kitchen to prepare their meals. ...read more.


Every person that is on the staff of TESCO is very busy. Some of them are putting prices on the products and items, some are checking several things, stacking shelves, working at the till and at the fish and cheese counter and some are helping customers to find products. They look like they know what they are doing. To test the customer service and the knowledge about the products, we asked random staff several things about products, where to find them, about quality and about shop-opening hours. For examples we tried to find out the difference between a few products that seem to be the same. We pretended to be allergic against nuts. So we asked one person of the staff, which one of the chocolate bars she could recommend us (no nuts in the chocolate bar). After each question, we received excellent consultations and advices. The staff could answer everything and was still friendly after a several number of questions. So we came to the result that there is perfect customer service in TESCO and the staff is well chosen. They all try to support the business through their committed work and attitude. All in all TESCO is well organized and a good place to go, if you want to buy food or products they offer there. ...read more.

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