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The aim of this investigation is to make a nightlight.

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MAKING A DEVICE INTRODUCTION A nightlight provides light at the change of the light- mostly at night. The definition of light night is so that night passers will be able to see more clearly, drivers will be able to drive safely and accidents will be avoided. Nightlight requires LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The resistor changes its resistance depending on the amount of light it receives. LDR is also used to monitor light intensity level. A resistor, which reduces the flow of current in circuit, is also needed. 555 microprocessor the brain is also needed to control the flow of energy from the power supply to the components. Battery will be used to supply voltage for the circuit. We detect a light level using a LDR. The LDR then send signal to the LED providing us with the output of light. ...read more.


When there is no light the LED comes on, however when there is light getting into the LDR the LED goes off. The LED only comes on when it is dark therefore when the LDR is uncovered it will reflect lights switch off the LED. At first when I first made the circuit it did not work, therefore I asked the technicians to help me test the components, the physics and technology teachers to check the circuit. They did this and I was given a full results on the problem. There was a missing cable and another cable was misplaced. I then used this information to repeat the circuit. Following the information helped me to complete the circuit to my best of ability. After the LED had come on during my covering of the LDR and switch off when I take my finger of the LDR, I was able to see that the circuit was working perfectly. ...read more.


The circuit worked perfectly after I had covered the LDR up with my finger, then remove it to see the reaction without the LDR being cover. The experiment had worked according to how I had planned it however I do wish that the level of nightlight could have respond faster than it had done. Apart from this nothing else need considering. This experiment was a experience for me, because in the pass when I had made it nothing had gone wrong at the time and now seeing something wrong showed me that learning from your mistakes is better than being perfect at all time DISCUSSION When making a commercial product I would have to consider the costs of the components, this is so that I will not use more than am supposed to use. Then I would consider the light strength- considering the light strength can help decrease the amount of money spent. Most importantly bulb have to be consider, as you need the right voltage bulb and a good quality of bulb should be use. 1 Tosin Balogun (12MA) ...read more.

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