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The County Fair.

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Jennifer Rinder English Comp 1113 May Intersession 2003 Martha Hodges May 23, 2003 The County Fair Food can be an evocative portal to memory. Mary had not had time to eat breakfast before beginning her monotonous trek across the city to her monotonous job. By mid-morning she was starving. Images of the snack vending machine began to block out her computer screen and obscure the shimmering letters on her keyboard. The cravings for sugar and salt made it difficult for her to concentrate. The protesting emanations from her stomach would soon exceed the clattering noise of her typing. She had to wait until the clock on the wall displayed the exact moment that her break would begin. ...read more.


She growled at the indecisive people ahead of her, and patiently tapping her foot and sighing heavily to signal her distress. Finally it was her turn. Mary nervously fumbled with the change trying to force it into the slot, she pressed the cryptic buttons with scientific skill, and down came one scrumptious Pepperidge Farm tan and brown package of chocolate chip cookies, followed instantly by a Pringles brilliant yellow bag of flavored potato chips. Like a furtive little mouse, she snatched the tiny packages out of the machine and scurried off to a vacant bench in a darkened corner where she could curl up with a bit of privacy and devour her prizes. She at first could not think of anything other than ending the cravings. ...read more.


She was walking down the fairway and the exotic aroma of baking cookies mingled with the heavy scent of a percolating deep fryer instantly made her feel young and carefree again. She could taste the hot, melted chunks of chocolate coating her throat and savor the contrasting salty residue which she dearly loved to lick from her fingers as she filled her mouth with the thick, delectable chips. She was so very happy. Mary was startled by the hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she was back in the darkened corner and was being asked again, for an explanation for her tardiness. Mary turned to sit up straight, the now empty tan and brown package along with the empty yellow bag fell to the floor. Mary glanced down at them and smiled knowingly. ...read more.

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