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The Decline of the 'High Street'

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The Decline of the 'High Street' In this essay I will be providing background information on Emile Durkheim life and the foundations on which his work and views are based. I will also be illustrating Durkheim's reaction to Shopped by Joanna Blythman. I will be discussing the ideas developed in Emile Durkheim's work of what he would say about the content of this text. I will be quoting from the book as a means to strengthening my views from what I have read, where necessary I will use exact quotes to maintain consistency of information. "Emile Durkheim was born on April 15, 1858 in Epinal, a small town in rural France. He grew up in a traditional Jewish family which lived on a modest income."1 "Many of Durkheim's views on society cannot be completely understood without providing some historical background on his thinking about the relationship between the individual and society."2 "Durkheim's theoretical interests were rooted in the political climate that existed in France between 1870 and 1895."3 This period brought about with it many changes in the social climate and the intellectual approach by common people became Durkheim's basis of work. In building up of an opinion many factors may influence the decisions or directions of an individual. Durkheim's grasped understanding of society came from four main areas of interest. ...read more.


Blythman's book considers the cost."6 'Shopped' is a book about the comparison between supermarkets and local shops, it is an eye opening book based on the lack of choice available to supermarket goers. It analyses the costs of huge supermarkets and the products they offer at a cost unimaginable. I feel Durkheim is a good person, who's view I can see agreeing with the author Joanna Blythman. This is because the inspiration to write the book came from her trip to France and as we know Durkheim grew up in France. The similarities in environment, although decades later, are comparable, as French life style is more cultural then as can be said for the equivalent in England. Durkheim suggests the move towards efficiency and convenience is inevitable, as supermarkets provide a diverse product range all under one roof as to say. Our busy life styles are the causes for demand in supermarkets. Supermarkets use this power gained from consumers demand and benefit from mass production advantages and bulk buying savings. Some of these savings are past down to the consumer although the quality of the product becomes poorer. The packaging and colour may give the impression the product is very fresh and good in taste but actually it's quite the opposite. Local shops such as green grocers provide much higher quality goods, with real freshness and taste. ...read more.


Now days when I go to Asda its on a weekly basis and a different cashier nearly every time, you don't even have much of a conversation. The cashier just says hi, cash or card, would like any cash back and that it. My local shops used to ask me bout my mum and my school and a whole lot of stuff which made me feel loyal to them. After reading shopped and not on the label I have definitely changed my views, even though I prefer the convenience of supermarkets, it is definitely not worth the cost of your family friends shops being closed down or an illness spreading due to unhygienic or over pesticide sprayed foods. Fair trade goods are another way to be acting morally as they ensure the farmers producing the goods are well paid and not unethically under paid. Durkheim's theories go quite deep and I have only touched the surface. A deeper understanding is needed to assess his true reaction to a text such as this. 1 Ken Morrison (2006) Marx Durkheim Weber 2nd edition Sage Publications pg 148 2 Ken Morrison (2006) Marx Durkheim Weber 2nd edition Sage Publications pg 154 3 Ken Morrison (2006) Marx Durkheim Weber 2nd edition Sage Publications pg 148 4 Ken Morrison (2006) Marx Durkheim Weber 2nd edition Sage Publications pg 150 5 http://www.authortracker.ca/author.asp?a=authorid&b=uk_579 6 http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/blythmanshop.htm 7 Ken Morrison (2006) Marx Durkheim Weber 2nd edition Sage Publications pg 212 ?? ?? ?? ?? Student No: 062837183 Pg 1 of 5 ...read more.

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