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The design of lamp

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Brainstorm of Lighting The following are the ideas of the uses or purposes of lighting. Design Problem I'm the boss of the company. In these days, it's really a profitable decision to sell lamps. However, my company is selling other electronic products at the past. I'm really not sure about the market and the ideal lamps to the customers. Design Brief I will ask my designers and makers to make a lamp that is suitable for the customers and the market of lamps. Ways to solve the problem: 1. Conduct a questionnaire to ask the opinions of the general public about my lamp 2. Collect some photographic evidences of the uses of lamp and what they usually do with the lamp. 3. Look at the newspapers and find out the trend of the uses of lamp. 4. Conduct a further questionnaire to find out the style, concerns and colors of the ideal lamp to the customers. Questionnaire I would ask approximately 20 people in my questionnaire. It's done by random phone calls. The questions are as follow: 1. What do you mainly use the lamp for? 2. Where do you mainly use the lamp? 3. Who in your family uses the lamp at most times? ...read more.


This is the most common plastic in a school workshop. It is purchased usually in the form of sheets and comes in a range of colours. It can be translucent (e.g. smoked), transparent or opaque. It is resistant to most acids and weather conditions. Polythene: Can be moulded into almost any form due to its excellent moulding qualities. Used for the production of bottles, bowls, toys, tube etc... It is available in large sheets. There are two types: High density which is rigid and hard, and low density which is tough and flexible. Machine parts are generally made from high density polystyrene whilst bottles are made from the low density polystyrene. Polyvinyl Chloride: Better known as PVC. It is a tough material which can be purchased as a hard material or alternatively a flexible form. It can be welded or bonded with an adhesive. It has a range of uses including water pipes, raincoats, long play records, coating on electrical wires and many more. 3) Other metals and alloys that might be used Aluminium: It's an alloy mainly containing aluminium. It's ductile, soft, malleable, machines well and very light. It is mainly used to make window frames, aircraft and kitchen ware. Mild steel: It contains mainly iron. ...read more.


The aluminium needed to be nicely polished and smoothed by glass paper. The wires needed to be kept secretly in a place where it's difficult to be identified just be glancing at it. 8. Costs: My prediction for the average revenue of my lamps is $45 each, which is quite low, because the costs for buying the raw materials, such as MDF and polystyrene, are not too expensive. However, I can guarantee that the products are finished in high quality. Production Plan: 1. Cut out a piece of MDF with dimensions 20cm ( 12cm ( 3cm, by using a tenon saw. 2. Use a plane to smooth the edges and then use a glass paper to obtain a nice, polished MDF. 3. Use a hacksaw to cut out a piece of aluminium. 4. Drill holes to the aluminium bracket by a small pilot drill. 5. Countersink the holes by using a big pilot drill. 6. Use a mallet to bend the aluminium. 7. Drill holes to the piece of MDF. 8. Add color to the MDF by spraying paints. Wait for 1 or 2 hours for it to dry. 9. Use screws to fix the position of the aluminium bracket and MDF. 10. Cut out the joining wood of the lamp, in which length=30cm, width=4cm. 11. Use the nails to attach the aluminium to the wooden stick. 12. Form a plastic cover for the light bulb by putting polystyrene into the vacuum former. ...read more.

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