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The importance for Orthodox Jews to observe the kosher food laws.

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2) The importance for Orthodox Jews to observe the kosher food laws There are many important reasons why Orthodox Jews have to continue to observe these food laws. They not only observe the laws for hygiene reasons but also, because the food laws, the kashrut, were commanded by God in the Torah. The chapter that tells Jews which foods they can eat and how is Leviticus Chapter 11. For a Jew to observe these laws is a sign of obedience and respect for their God and religion, as set out in the Holy Book, The Torah. Observing 'kosher' food is a sign of being a Jew, one of the chosen people. This is particularly important for Jews of the Diaspora. The Jews of the Diaspora were Jews who were exiled to Babylonia; they no longer live in Palestine or modern Israel and are spread over the earth. ...read more.


The point he makes emphasises that people are made in the 'image of god' and that Jews should respect God's laws and always say a blessing. The kashrut are centered around home life. This is very important as is helps to make sure that Jews keep in touch with their family and home life. It is important for Jews to stay connected to their roots as the family is central to the close Jewish community. The food laws can be inconvenient at times. For example not being able to mix meat and milk when a Jew is going to a non-Jewish house or a restaurant with friends makes life difficult. This means that Jews eat more together and feel more of a community as they all have something in common. All Jews are constantly aware when eating and preparing food that God is around them and they must respect his wishes and the food laws are there for all Jews to observe. ...read more.


If you eat more than you need to live in this life then you are not treasuring life and not treasuring what man has made for everyone to share. The whole point of life is to live it to the full, not eat the world away and to respect the wishes of your religion. Jews must eat with thought and reverence by observing the food laws. Another famous quote is 'you are what you eat' saying that if you eat proper, fitting, healthy food then that is what you will be. However, if you eat only junk food or poorly prepared food then you will not be a good or proper person because you do not respect your food, yourself or your God. These are just some of the reasons why it is important for Orthodox Jews to continue to observe the laws. As long as the food laws are observed they will pass down the generations and ensure the continuation of Judaism. ...read more.

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