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The Jewish Dietary laws.

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The Jewish Dietary laws By Rosie Chance 'These are the animals which you may eat... Anything which has a completely split hoof And chews cud, this you may eat...' A) A detailed account of the Jewish Food laws and their origins 'Kashrut' is what makes up the body of Judaism, deals with what foods Jews can and cannot eat, as well as how those foods must be prepared in order for them to be considered 'kosher' (fit to eat). 'Kashrut' is copied from the Hebrew root Kaf-Shin-Resh, which means fit, correct, good and proper. The word kosher is used to describe ritual objects that are made in agreement with the Jewish law and are healthy for ritual use. Food that is not kosher is commonly referred to as treyf, literally meaning torn from the commandment. All plants are kosher, but not all animals, birds and fish. All the animals must be killed in a special way, before they can be eaten by the Jews. Jews think that kosher food has been blessed by a rabbi, but this is not so there are foods which neither contain meat nor dairy produce for example vegetables, can be eaten with either meat or milk as long as they have been prepared with the utensils used for meat or dairy products. These foods are called parev or parve. There is no such word as 'kosher style' food. Kosher is not a style of cooking at all. Chinese food can be kosher if they make it in the right way, in accordance with the Jewish law; there are some really good kosher restaurants. Jewish foods like Knishes, bagels and matzah ball soup can be non-kosher if not prepared in the right way with the Jewish laws. If you see a restaurant that has a sign saying 'Kosher-style' it could either mean that the food is the traditional Jewish kosher food or it could mean that the food is not actually kosher. ...read more.


Like most of the students, he was quite nervous. Finally, they announced his name, he was led to his seat, and as luck would have it, he was placed right next to the author. The meals were served. After everyone had received an elegantly prepared plate with the finest cuts of meat on delicate china, out came Dr. Goldfinger's kosher meal: an unopened can of tuna fish and an apple - on a paper plate. Suddenly, this author turns to Dr. Goldfinger, and in a voice loud enough or the entire assembly to hear, says, "See, here. Both of us are Jews. Yet I am eating the food of Freud, Mozart, Beethoven and Voltaire. While you are eating the food of absolutely no one of any significance whatsoever." Goldfinger almost fell through the floor in embarrassment. He opened his mouth to answer, but was so nervous, he couldn't utter a sound. Dr. Goldfinger said, "Since that time, I've replayed that scene in my mind a thousand times, wondering what I could have said in reply. I realize now that I should have said the following: "Yes it's true that you're eating the food of Freud and Mozart. But I am eating the food of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, Maimonides and the Vilna Gaon. And in fact, it is because they ate this kind of food that none of them would have ever been so cruel as to humiliate another person in public like you did.' This story shows that you should embrace people's beliefs and not put them down. The food that Dr. Goldfinger was eating had meaning and it shows that Dr. Goldfinger was a more committed Jew then the author. All Jews read the torah, it is the guide to life to them as it contains the laws by which Orthodox Jews live there lives, and therefore they listen to the Torah and take advice from it. ...read more.


So it is important for the Jews to remember G-ds creation and treat animals correctly. All of the Jewish food laws bring all the Jews together as a community. It does not matter wherever you are in the world you can go to a Jewish family and know all of there rituals and traditions, even if you speak another language. When the Jews are following the laws and doing exactly that they say, they are keeping alive what there Jewish ancestors have been doing for many centuries. It is important for the Orthodox Jews to pass the strict food laws on to their children, as there are fewer Orthodox Jews today. They can also recognise each other from the practises they carry forward on the food laws, for example buying meat at a kosher butcher. Progressive Jews interpret the Jewish laws in the light of the modern life, they are more open minded. Progressive Jews believe that they should progress with the modern world, so they take the best of the Jewish laws into the modern world. Many progressive Jews do not feel that the kosher food laws make them a better Jew in G-ds eyes. What makes them feel better Jews is what they feel in the heart and their direct relationship with G-d. The Jews also have friends with non-kosher people but at the same time still respect the religion and remember that they rely on G-d and keep in mind what they did for them. Nevertheless these Jews find it easier to build broader relationships with people outside the Jewish community if they are no restricted by the numerous laws. Ultra-Orthodox Jews don't care about questions of modern living but believe but Jews outside Israel are all-part time Jews. 'Israel is the one place in the world today where your whole life can be Jewish, where you can be both fully Jewish and fully human'. This quote is telling the Jews that Israel is the only place for a true Jew to live and the Jews can be certain they are carrying forward the laws correctly. Rosie Chance Judaism Coursework ...read more.

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